WildStar Weekly Roundup - September 4th, 2012

Written by David "Scooter" Bass on September 04, 2012

Happy Monday Tuesday, WildStar fans!

At the beginning of each week, we like to round up all the WildStar news from the previous week in one place for you. Read on for the latest updates:

  • This week we've got lots of PAX coverage for you! We'll try not to overwhelm you with links, but no promises. First up, our friends from Gamebreaker came by to talk WildStar, and they spoke about their impressions on video. The WildStar segment begins at 29:30, for those who want to skip ahead.
  • Next up, Massively posted their thoughts on the WildStar presentation at PAX, which included a talk on dynamic playspaces and world story in the game.
  • Ten Ton Hammer posted their preview, discussing just how much potential WildStar has at this point in development. We're very excited to share more on all the details that TTH couldn't get out of us... in the future.
  • WildStar won Most Anticipated Title of PAX from! Check out the announcement and their PAX preview at the 4:34 mark.
  • Machinima's Hundar came to visit and interview Chad Moore, Lead Narrative Designer for WildStar. Start at 3:26 to hear more about the story of Nexus, dynamic playspaces, and much more.
  • MMO Reporter did a daily podcast each day at PAX, and we were featured in Day 2's coverage! Listen to the podcast episode (and skip to 1:06 if you're only interested in WildStar), and hear why they think it'll be "freakin' awesome!"

That's all for this week's roundup! Make sure you're following the Community team on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook for all the latest WildStar news. See you next week!

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