WildStar Wednesday with Loic Claveau, European Community Lead

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on November 30, 2011

Hello everyone,

My boss decided this week that instead of having a regular WildStar Wednesday update, I should introduce myself to you, our community, and tell you a little bit about me and my position in Carbine. So here I am!

Some people might know me as Atreid, which has been my nickname for few years now in MMOs (I used to be Muad or Muad'Dib). I'm sure you can see a pattern, which is that I'm a big fan of Frank Herbert's Dune saga. But more than that, Atreid was also a way for me to express my other favorite book, Iliad & Odysseus; Atreides being the name of one of the famous Ancient Greece family. So in a nutshell, I'm a big fan of everything related to Sci-Fi and Ancient Greece.

Regarding my gaming background, I started in this industry some 14 years ago-ish, when I worked for Cryo; they had created the masterpiece that was the very first Dune game and so I decided I would work for them. Fast forward, I became a video game journalist, working mainly for Gen4, a French Video game magazine. It allowed me to cover what had become my passion: a new and strange type of graphical game (Meridian 59, specifically), where you could play simultaneously with a lot of people in a persistent world. The experience of playing in this new world literally changed my vision of where video games would go, and I made a personal specialty of what would be known in the future as The MMO.

So what type of player am I? I love playing competitive RTS games, my all time favorite game being Company of Heroes. I would also consider myself a ferociously competitive, hardcore "sandbox" player. What that means is that I love it when there are no restrictions between the interactions of players. While you may associate this with PvP, I would like to call it "meaningful PvP", or the idea that you are fighting players for an actual reason. To better underscore my play style, I think back on my Ultima Online days, where I was referred to as an Anti-PK. Ah, those were the days! Using my PvP prowess to turn the tables on player killers, protecting the community by challenging (and winning!) against the Red Player Menace!

So yeah, I went deep on Ultima Online (I wrote a monthly chronicle called "Les Chroniques d'Ultima Online" for Gen4) and other games like Everquest, where I fell in love with their highly challenging raid system where it sometimes took 100+ players to defeat a dragon. I loved every minute of it as Atreid, Human Monk on the Rathe server :)

Ever since I touched my first MMO, they have been pretty much the center of my life.

Especially when you consider the fact that I've been working at NCsoft for the past 6+ years in the Community field. That being said, from the moment I heard about WildStar, I wanted to know more. In the process of learning more, I ended up meeting some of the great people here at Carbine Studios, and they were all absolutely awesome. Once Troy and I began to chat about what he had in store for the WildStar community, and shared his plan, before you knew it, I was on board as the European Community Lead.

You might wonder what that position entails. Well, at Carbine Studios, we truly believe that each Western market (US and EU) should have a local representation. But as you can guess, this generates a bit of a challenge. Language, time zones, and an ocean between a European community team and the North American development team, can make it difficult to get the right information in a timely manner to your community. As a way of handling this, we thought the best solution was to have a European representative embedded within the Studio. An ambassador if you will; someone who would not only be dedicated to listening to the European community's needs, and to communicate back to team what is happening within the Studio, but also be responsible for asking the same question over and over: "That's a nice idea! How do we also make it work for Europe?"

Yep, I'll be the pain in the neck responsible in asking that question over and over and over again.

Of course, this will take some time to set up all the system, especially because I just arrived on US soil last week! So please bear with me, as we're just starting to work together to build the foundation of that long term plan we talked about earlier!

I know I'm going to enjoy my work here, and I hope you will enjoy it as well. Don't be afraid to reach out to me, as open communication and regular conversation is one of the fundamental philosophies of the Carbine Studios community team! You can reach me on twitter: @CRB_Atreid is the name:)

Thanks for listening, and see you soon!

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