WildStar Wednesday: Unlocking the Galactic Archives

Written by Cory Herndon, Senior Narrative Designer on September 26, 2012

A game like WildStar - set in an entirely new universe - leads to the creation of a lot of brand-new lore we're eager to share with players. Whether we are talking about hostile alien species, exotic plants and animals, or ancient derelict spacecrafts, we have endeavored to define interesting lore and histories for each an every one. We know there are people out there who like to dig into the details, such as the cause of death of the fourth Luminai Emperor of the Dominion, or the exact words spoken by village matrias in a traditional Aurin binding ceremony - and we want those people to have access to that information at a moment's notice.

That's where the WildStar Galactic Archives come in handy.

What's in the Archives?

The Galactic Archives are an encyclopedic repository of lore that will describe the many creatures, people, places, and things you'll meet on the planet Nexus. While we have many ways to tell stories and reveal lore while you play the game, the Archives are where all of that information will be stored for your perusal.

While you're exploring the Archives, you'll also notice that many of the articles therein are connected to one another. An article about the Skeech, for example, will probably contain a specific link to the nasty Coldburrow Skeech tribe that lives in the Northern Wilds.

Entries are all organized into the following categories, which you can sort via a series of buttons on top of the user interface. And since each entry can be classified into multiple categories, it's very easy to find exactly the kind of information that you’re looking for.


If it's a location in our game, you'll find it in this section. For example, places like Tremor Ridge, Gallow and Tempest Refuge will be covered here.


This category covers subgroups based on culture or shared goals – such as the Exiles, the Dominion, Marauders, and the Darkspur Cartel.

Sentient Species

If they can speak, the scholars of the WildStar universe consider them sentient. Yes, this even includes the nefarious and cannibalistic Skeech, or the mysterious, necromantic Moodies.

Notable Individuals

If you like detailed information about iconic characters such as Dorian Walker, Deadeye Brightland, and Judge Kain, then you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in this section.

Archive categories are revealed as you play.


If it's a beast - whether or not it was engineered by the diabolically brilliant Eldan Progenitors – you can find it here. Given the fact that Nexus is chock full of dangerous creatures trying to rip your face off, this section will be fairly lengthy.


This section covers the exotic flora found on planet Nexus . Often, that flora is carnivorous and mobile, like the strange Rootbrutes found in places like the Northern Wilds.


One of the big draws of Nexus for business-minded groups like the Protostar Corporation, are an untold wealth of rare and exotic mineral resources—such as the ‘enlightening’ blue crystal known as loftite found in the mountains of Algoroc.


This section describes things like bots, weapons, ships, and shuttles. Some very interesting crossover occurs between the Technology and Sentient Species category – but we can’t really talk about yet.


This category covers general information concerning the history of our player races, world groups, and planet Nexus. For those who really want to immerse themselves our game universe, this is the place to be.


Here you'll find those you fight all gathered in one place. You can read about their sordid histories, while at the same time learning about the best ways to defeat them in battle.


If they don't want you dead, you'll find them here. This section will include groups such as Protostar and the Freebots, as well as the races and iconic heroes of the faction that you choose.

How Do I Interact with the Archives?

All you need to do to unlock entries in the Galactic Archives is play the game! You will unlock information by killing enemies, speaking with allies, accomplishing quest objectives, and visiting new areas on planet Nexus. So the more you play, the more tasty lore you will receive.

Initially, only the basic article will be unlocked... but more will open up as you go!

Scientist Specials

Players on the scientist path will learn even more. Scientists might unlock entire entries that are not available to other players--including information on some of the biggest secrets in the game--by accomplishing their path missions. They might also unlock different, expanded versions of the Archive entries that other players receive.

How About a Sneak Peek?

Aw, sure, why not? Here are some of the basic Archive entries for the Algoroc region of Nexus.


Algoroc is a temperate frontier region of Nexus settled by Exile pioneers. Not far from the Northern Wilds, the forests of Algoroc grow in distinctive red soil that gives the place its name ("Algoroc" is ancient Cassian for "red rock"). These red cliffs are also rich in the mineral loftite, a potent source of energy for everything from generators to starships. The Exiles of Algoroc dwell primarily in the small mining community of Tremor Ridge and the larger, more central town of Gallow - where the Exiles who settled the area signed the "Gallow Accord" to act as a guiding document for locals.

Tremor Ridge

The small mining community of Tremor Ridge is home to a wide variety of Exile miners, prospectors, and independent operators planted right next to the famed Loftite Cliffs of Algoroc - where the valuable blue crystal is so abundant that shards twice as big as a man float in the air, and smaller chunks can be plucked from the red stone that line the hills of the region. Though the small town has now and again had to endure criminal elements, it is generally seen as a peaceful place of ample opportunity.

Why Should I Care?

The moment you start up your WildStar adventure, you will begin to unlock Archive entries. This means that as soon as you begin playing--in the closed beta or the full release--you will be able to dig into the Galactic Archives. The Archives will keep you informed on every aspect of the game's lore and the history of the setting, and ensure that players who want to know everything they can about both will never want for information. They're part of a larger system that also include in-universe periodicals, NPC-"written" journals, and other stories that help to define and expand the rich new universe in which WildStar takes place.

If Archives aren't your thing, then you can completely ignore them. We will never force you to read lore if you're not interested. But we think that once you take a gander or two, you might just find yourself reading them anyway.

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