WildStar Wednesday: Now Boarding for Arkship 2013!

Written by Troy "Aether" Hewitt on January 30, 2013

Jeremy Gaffney's Blue Steel look enthralls the press.

Over the last two months, your Carbine communications team has been hard at work preparing for two key events, wherein we showed off some brand new WildStar goodness to press in both the US and across the pond in the UK.

As I write this, I’m watching our Executive Producer on stage, addressing a room full of game distributors, complete with dramatic uplighting, in front of gigantic WildStar and Carbine Studios logos. It’s one of those moments when you want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s all real. We’ve been sitting on so much exciting news, that to hear us speaking publically on these topics inspires a mix of “OMG DID WE REALLY JUST MENTION [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?!” and “SWEET BONELESS DIETY OF YOUR CHOOSING, WE ARE TELLING PEOPLE EVERYTHING! WOOHOO!”

It’s a really exciting feeling. It means that in the next few weeks you are going to get answers to some of your questions, with some of you getting verification of your suspicions, and, I hope, some of you learning about features you would have never guessed about in the first place.

It also means that we’re going to be seeing a lot more new friends interested in all things WildStar. It means more fansite participation, more dev chats, more videos from our team, more screenshots, and more of the kinds of fun and off the wall community activities you’ve come to expect from your WildStar Community team.

As an example of that, I’ll let you in on a little secret event we’re running, both in the US and in Europe in the coming months. We’re calling it “Arkship 2013,” and it’s an event where we’re flying in 30-40 people to spend two days with the development team, test some prototype features, and participate in panel discussions on important topics like our combat system, tradeskills, PvP, Housing, and much, much more. Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t an event where we invite people to come tell us how much they love us in person. As a matter of fact, while we appreciate the love and support we’ve received, these events are meant to get critical feedback and honest evaluation directly from the source.

To that end, we’ve invited people to these events that have some real concerns and strong opinions about the features we’ve shared thus far. While we do plan on sharing a lot of images, videos and information that come out of these events, there will be a lot of things we won’t share publically, and our participants will be under a strict NDA so that developers and fans can engage openly and honestly in lively debate.

Now, before you get worried about not getting a chance to attend, remember, this is the first of many events we’ve got planned for the year, and we’re looking forward to expanding the list of attendees moving forward.

If you are wondering how you make this list, the first step is to get involved in your own way. Are you an artist? Are you a writer? Are you a guild leader? Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Are you someone that has a particular concern about the way we are approaching your favorite feature? Then share your art, lead your guild, help all those new WildStar fans that will be arriving in droves, or take some time to share your thoughts about WildStar features.

There are literally countless ways that you can make a positive impact on the growing WildStar community, and your Carbine community team is on the lookout for you. And if I’ve described the kinds of things that you like to contribute to online communities, don’t be surprised to find an invitation to come spend a couple days with the Carbine dev team. We really weren’t kidding when we said we want to listen to you.

Happy WildStar Wednesday!

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