WildStar Wednesday: Northern Wilds MiniBosses

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on March 28, 2012

This week, our Lore team tells us a bit more about the minibosses you'll encounter when adventuring in the Northern Wilds!


Xenobite Queens are a unique organism found only on planet Nexus. Standing nearly ten meters high on three insectoid legs, their bodies are heavily armored with horns, spikes, and a bony exoskeleton - allowing them to absorb considerable damage when attacked. Queens are most often found in deep caves, where they lay their eggs and protect them from predators and intruders.

These terrifying creatures are extremely aggressive, especially when protecting their young, and can spew venomous poison several meters. Though they rarely emerge from their lairs, they are known to send out hordes of their offspring to bring them prey. Their unfortunate victims are then incapacitated and strung up for the queen to dine on as she sees fit.

Interestingly, there have been a number of recorded instances where Skeech tribes have developed symbiotic relationships with Xenobite Queens, gathering their food and watching over their unborn young. The scientific reasons behind this dynamic are yet unknown, but galactic scientists have posited that Xenobite Queens have primitive telepathic abilities that allow them to control lesser sentient beings.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Xenobite Queens can blast enemies from a substantial distance with her venomous poison. Their offspring appear immune to the substance.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Despite their frightening appearance, Xenobite Queens are very doting mothers. Many have been observed carefully tearing live victims into bite-size chunks small enough for their hungry offspring to swallow.


Frost Giants are large, bipedal creatures found primarily in the arctic regions of Nexus. They are roughly humanoid, with long arms, massive hands, and largely bare, bluish skin. Frost Giants have unusually large ears, which aid them when hunting, and their heads are covered in long, shaggy fur that falls over their back, chest and shoulders.

Frost Giants are rarely seen above ground unless they are hunting for food, preferring to hibernate for long periods beneath the deep and treacherous snowpack. When their sharp ears detect the footsteps of prey above, they will awaken and emerge from beneath to attack. It is not unusual to see Frost Giants leading hordes of Arctic Yeti, who are subservient to the larger species due to its strength, and ferocity.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: Frost Giants rely on their size and strength when attacking, slamming their hammer-like fists into the ground and knocking foes off their feet.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Frost Giants have famously terrible eyesight, exacerbated by the thick fur that often covers their eyes. Recommendations for alternate hairstyles have been largely ignored.


The war machine officially designated as the Ultrabot is a relatively new combat model designed for the Dominion military. Engineered for deployment in a variety of combat situations, the Ultrabot is a formidable piece of technology, sporting a heavily armored combat chassis and an intelligent strategic neural core that allows it to act independently on the field of battle.

Beyond its obvious defensive capabilities, the Ultrabot has been outfitted with the most advanced weapons systems the Dominion military has to offer. Housed within its chest cavity is an array of explosive smart missiles, and newer models have been modified with powerful DeathRay™ technology. Their usefulness in combat situations on Nexus has been proven many times over, forcing the Exiles to rethink their strategies during battles in which they are deployed.

SPECIAL ATTACKS: When attacking, Ultrabots deploy multiple smart missiles to throw their victims off balance, followed by a powerful blast from their DeathRay™ to finish the job.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! When not in combat, Ultrabots are known to enjoy a nice, relaxing oil bath.

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