WildStar Wednesday: gamescom 2013 Recap!

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on August 29, 2013

Team WildStar Vs 340,000 Gamescom Attendees!

Gamescom 2013 has come and gone, and the surviving WildStar team have made the journey back to the states to do it all again at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington.

Looking back on our adventures in Cologne, it could very easily be one of the biggest and best shows we’ve ever done, despite all the aching feet, raspy voices, and far too much schnitzel.

340,000 people attended gamescom this year, and the WildStar booth was packed throughout each of 12+ hour days the team endured.

In addition to giving thousands of players access to a playable WildStar demo (PvP anyone?), throughout the week Team WildStar hosted hourly stage shows covering a wide range of topics, including combat and housing, as well as presentations on dungeons and Genesis, Carbine Studio’s proprietary world-building tool. We also gave out a *lot* of t-shirts.



Friday Party


For many of us, the highlight of the event came on Friday evening in the form of our WildStar fan party. We packed the space with WildStar developers, our global community team, and gave hundreds of gamescom attendees some quality time to chat to the team, play WildStar, and win prizes – just for attending.

Jeremy Gaffney issued a single challenge to partygoers: “Find a dev, and ask them as many questions as you can!” And the gamescom attendees did not let him down; you couldn’t take two steps without running into a Carbine staffer surrounded by a group of people seeking a deeper discussion around the fundamentals and features of WildStar.



The Final Count Down!

If Friday was the highlight of the event, the closing day of gamescom was a close second. A shorter day for attendees and rainy weather made for a day jam-packed with people. You could barely move through the booth due to all the people that were waiting to play WildStar, and the stage presentations were attended by so many people that we spilled into the aisles.



Towards the end of the event, we hosted an impromptu PvP match against some attendees that had spent a lot of quality time at the booth. They enjoyed WildStar’s PvP so much, that by their estimate, they queued up over 30 times across the show! At our busiest, the wait to play WildStar was almost two hours long! That’s a pretty decent example of how addictive our PvP can be. When they challenged the team to a PvP match, Carbine staff could hardly refuse.

After a nail-biting series of bouts, Team WildStar came through victorious. Our hardcore PvP fans were good sports, and posed for a few before and after photos. Check them out below!



All in all, gamescom 2013 was a huge success for Team WildStar. We’re currently working on the videos of our stage demos now, so that you can have an opportunity to see the presentations yourselves. In the meantime, we’d like to share a little gamescom with you directly.

You can see tons of photos from the show floor and our fan party over on our Facebook album, and we have videos re-capping each day of the show (1, 2, 3, 4).

Also make sure you check out all the following coverage from various folk who attended gamescom:

  • Gamespot did a great video with Chris Lynch, our lead Combat Designer, on the Dungeon demo we ran for press. You can watch it here.
  • Gazimoff from ZAM caught up with Jeremy Gaffney to discuss all things WildStar and got a few juicy teases out of him in the process. You can read his write up here.
  • The kind folk at WildStar Life (MMORPGlife) grabbed tons of gameplay footage from the show floor. Find all their videos on their site here.
  • And if that’s not enough you can check out these great videos from KaeyiDream, MMOBuff, and MMORPGItalia.

But there is no rest for the wicked! Team WildStar will be at PAX Prime this weekend and we’ll be keeping you updated on our PAX adventures with daily videos and updates. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter for all the fun happening at the show!

Thanks to all our friends who came to see us at gamescom and a very special thank you to our partners; Alienware, Logitech, Intel and NVIDIA/EVGA, who supplied the hardware on the booth as well as a ton of amazing prizes for us to give to fans.

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