(Re)Revealing: The Esper

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on November 13, 2013

“Gifted with incredible powers of the mind, you must learn to use your powers for the benefit of…”

Shut it Professor! The Esper’s not here to start a fancy school or anything like that! It’s their time in the spotlight!

The Esper is the star of the show in our second classes ULTRA DROP ™ week. Whether they’re frying their enemies’ brains, hurling deadly blades of psychokinetic energy, or soothing their pals fractured psyche with pleasant dreams, the Esper’s here to get things done! So go and check out the Esper class page and then head on back to get all the juicy details on what else is coming this week!

The Esper commands you to go to the new class page. You are under its control. Also bring me back some orange sherbert.

Are you back yet? Yeah? Pretty sweet huh? Now you’re here we can tell you all about the awesome stuff we have planned for Esper week!

Just like we did with the Warrior, we’ll be hosting a Reddit AMA on Thursday all about the Esper. This is your chance to ask those crazy developers everything and anything you want to know! Head over to the WildStar subreddit on Thursday at 8PM GMT to ask your questions!

Saturday will see a glorious return to the realm of Livestream! So join us at 8PM GMT on our Twitch channel for a live look into the gameplay of the Esper, as well as a chance to see some of the new systems and other features of the future beta build! We’ll also be taking your questions live in the chat, so make sure you sign up and follow our Twitch channel so you don’t miss out!

See you next time WildStar fans!

Where is my orange sherbert?

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