PAX East Day 3: All's Well That Ends Well

Written by Troy "Aether" Hewitt on March 29, 2013

With Friday and Saturday under our belts, Team WildStar kicked off PAX East Sunday with no small amount of excitement (if not a bit worn out from the previous night’s festivities).

By Sunday, our new friends had become dear friends, with some of them having learned so much from our time together, that they began sharing details about WildStar with people who had questions, acting as ambassadors of planet Nexus to the uninitiated. We made many of those friends over at the Logitech booth, where we had some custom T-shirts showcasing the Mechari artwork. Back at the Main booth, we had Alienware, Nvidia and Logitech prizes going fast and furious to people who signed up for the WildStar beta. Over 6k people signed up as a result, so many thanks to our partners. 

And though it was the last day of the show, we had a secret plan to host a super-secret, behind closed doors event for fans of WildStar, both new and old. So it was with a quick social media announcement that we called together our ambassadors and made our way to the WildStar press room.

Carbine representatives from Community, Art, Audio and Lore sat with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney and over 20 WildStar fans for an hour chat, which included live game play, a housing demonstration, new zones and so much more. It was a free form discussion, giving our fans the opportunity to ask anything that was on their mind, and giving the WildStar development team a chance to answer almost everything. 

It was an amazing end to a pretty incredible PAX East experience. We did manage to capture some video from our super-secret meeting, and we’re working furiously to edit it into something that doesn’t make Team Carbine look too hungover.

And with that, we’ve got a final video for you, showcasing some of the fun (and mostly the loopiness) we had on the final day of PAX East. Super kudos to the WildStar team, and many, many thanks to all the people who stopped by to check out our game. Reveling in your support, excitement and critical feedback was the most enjoyable part of the convention for us, and we cannot wait to invite you to join us in the WildStar beta.

Keep your eyes on your email!

Enjoy, won’t you?

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