PAX East Day 2: WildStar Kicks Adventure in the Ass!

Written by Troy "Aether" Hewitt on March 28, 2013

Saturday morning, Team WildStar hit the show floor early. With the stability issues out of the way, we were really looking forward to spending more time talking with fans. It turns out that people really enjoyed the panel, and as a result, flooded our booth with questions, comments and compliments throughout the day.

The booth was so busy, we amped up our stage presentations to meet demand. That meant that instead of one Deradune Demo, one Paths demo, and one More Lore with Chad Moore presentation, we did 3 of each, and spent much more time answering questions with interested PAX East attendees with a live microphone.

Day two also allowed us to spend more quality time with new friends we made on the show floor. They had some great things to say about the game, but for us it was as enjoyable to talk with our fans as it was to show off WildStar. As many of you know, we’ve been sitting on a lot of information for a long time, so it was absolutely amazing to spill as many beans as we were able. Key features like Player Housing, Warplots, 40-person raids, Arena PvP, and solo content at the level cap were all touched upon, as well as tons of information on our new Dominion races (the Mechari and the Draken),and the newest class, the Stalker.

While that’s a hell of a lot of information, it’s only a fraction of what’s coming down the content pipe. As you can imagine, one of the biggest questions we fielded had everything to do with the big B word. As a matter of fact, we had thousands of people clamoring to sign up for their spot in beta both before and after they got their hands on actual WildStar gameplay at the booth.

Towards the end of the day, our crowds got much bigger and our list of new friends grew much longer. That worked well for us, because in a few short hours we’d be hosting our first big-time party with our partners over at Curse.

A party with over 6,000 RSVPs. Granted, Curse parties are legendary, and a lot of people come to see their industry friends and party like rock stars. Our goal was to make sure our WildStar fans were taken care of, so we spent a lot of time making sure they were taken care of by smuggling them into the VIP section of the party. It was there that we got to chill out, talk games, talk WildStar and laugh. A lot.

Sure, we might have imbibed a bit as well, but who could keep track? It was the end of an incredible successful day two, and we finally had a chance to talk with our fans. And dance. And crowd surf.

But like all great things, our epic Curse/WildStar party came to a close, and it was time to prepare ourselves for Sunday’s big event: The Super Secret Fan Presentation! It was awesome, and we got to share a lot of great things with a group of about 20 WildStar fans, new and old.

But I’ve got to save that story for PAX East Part 3: WildStar Devs Are Your Biggest Fans!

Stay tuned!

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