Greetings from planet Nexus!

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on August 12, 2011

Hello fellow star travelers and welcome! We hope your trip here on the Ark Ship was smooth and uneventful. All of us at WildStar are happy to have you here and are looking forward to giving you a tour of the planet Nexus. Adventure, danger, and untold riches await those willing to brave the dangers Nexus holds.

That same adventure (minus the danger, but with the possibility of riches) await those who brave the crowds at gamescom in Cologne, Germany and join us at our booth!

You heard me correctly - we are at gamescom and are, at this very moment, giving the gaming world its first look at WildStar. Stop by and say hello to us - and while you're here, try out are playable demo!

Who are we? That is an excellent question. We are your WildStar community team - Robert, Troy, and Loic.

We are excited to bring you all the information you could possibly need on WildStar so check back often. Be sure to bookmark this site or, better yet, make us your home page! For up-to-the minute news and updates, follow us on twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter:

@CRB_Aether - Troy, dictator-at-large (I'm sorry, I mean Producer) at Carbine Studios
@CRB_Robeardo - Robert, fearless Senior Community Manager for Carbine Studios and wannabe Explorer
@CRB_Atreid - Loic, European community expert and PvP master. Just point this Soldier at you what want dead and let him go!
@Team_Wildstar - The name to follow for all the most-recent news, contests, and game discussion
@Carbine_Studios - Want to know about the studio that's making WildStar? This is where you want to be!
@Ark_Ship - News from the crew currently on the planet's surface

On Facebook:

Carbine Studios

Information overload? No such thing! Whether you're on Nexus to conquer, claim, or explore, stick with us and in no time you'll be scaling mountains and subduing the wild inhabitants of the planet like an expert!

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the WildStar trailer here.

Enjoy your time on Nexus!

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