Purple Cowboy Hats, Rocket-Powered Hoverboards & more! Customization in WildStar

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on January 30, 2014

Everybody loves to be a bit different, whether you like putting mayonnaise on your pizza or you like to dress up as a wizard on the weekend, diversity is the spice of life and makes the world an interesting place.

We think being different is an important aspect of MMOs as well. That’s why we’ve tried to squeeze a ton of customization options into WildStar, along with all of the other awesome stuff like Raids, Dungeons, World Story, Warplots, etc.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Customization DevSpeak yet, I would recommend doing so now. We’ll go over some of the features from the DevSpeak in more detail below!


Some people see their character as themselves; they might use a character name they’ve had since their newbie hands first found their way to a keyboard. Others prefer to create a “character” that has its own story to tell and is nothing like the person behind the mouse and keyboard. However people see their character in the world of Nexus, we’ve tried to provide a range of different customization options to let people create unique and bad-ass toons to explore Nexus with.

When you first create a character, you’ll find that we’ve got the standard skin-color, hair type, hair color, eye color, facial hair, jewelry and face options that you’ll find in most other MMOs, but thanks to the weird and wonderful races of WildStar we can throw in a ton of cool and stylized options in there as well.

Want your Aurin to have blue skin and dice earrings? Done! How about replacing your Chua’s ears with mechanical ones? Just how crazy do you want your Draken’s horns to be anyway? Playing a Granok? I have two words for you: Leaf. Moustache.

We also provide a wealth of facial sliders that allow you to adjust things like eye size and spacing, nose prominence, eyebrow height and plenty more. So you can make your character as overwhelmingly badass or undeniably creepy as you like. Check out my next character; “Nigel” as an example of the latter…


Another nice feature is if you want to save the design choices for your character whilst your explore some other races, you can generate a code to save that particular configuration and then load it again if you don’t like your new one!

Costumes & Dyes

So once you’ve made your sweet new character or alt,do you just go out in the wild world of Nexus and start bashing faces, clad only in the mismatched set of gear you picked up along the way?

Of course not! Because when you’re a gigantic rock-person with an enormous cannon and an army of AI killing machines, you want to look as cool as you feel.

That’s why we have a costume system that allows you to make sure that what people see you wearing, is what you want them to see you wearing. Just because that pair of sequined underpants gives you a +100 in awesomeness, doesn’t mean that you want everybody to see you running around in them.

In WildStar, you’ll gain costume slots to allow you to show off your rad duds without compromising the awesome stats your gear gives you. You gain your first costume slot at level 7 and then you’ll unlock more slots as you level up, enabling you to have an entire wardrobe at your disposal. Each costume slot contains space for a piece of headgear, chest armor, shoulder pads, gloves, boots, and pants (or trousers if you’re in the Dominion) so you can completely customize your appearance in the fashion department. You can save these sets and then put those items in your bank, so you’re not using up inventory space either! One thing to keep in mind though is that for Battlegrounds and Arena, your costumes are disabled. We don’t want an Esper walking around in Heavy Armour after all, no matter how much it matches their eyes!

But we’re not going to stop there. Oh no.

Once you’ve found an outfit you love, we let you add even more personal touches to it by giving you a dye system to boot.

Once you reach your Capital city (around level 15), you’ll get to chat to the Protostar Dye Specialist who will (in an unquestionably generous move for Protostar) give you your first free dye and allow you to dye your armor pieces for a fee. You can buy more dyes from a dye vendor, or through our social currency, known as Renown. You may even get some for completing challenges and other activities. So if you want to dye your armor something a bit nicer than “Rowsbrowner” you’ll need to get out there and start kicking ass!

Mount Customization

Whilst you may be pretty familiar with character creation, costumes, and dyes, we’ve still got one trick up our sleeve to make your fully customized jaw hit the floor.

Mount Customization.

Booyah! Think that looks cool?

Hoverboard Customization.

Double Booyah!

Aside from having a variety of racial mounts to choose from once you reach level 15, you’ll be able to customize those mounts with a ton of weird, wacky and wonderful add-ons to give your transportation that all important, personal touch.

Each mount has a customizable slot on each side, the head (or top for some of the most unusual mounts) and back of your chosen transport where you can add awesome stuff. So whether it’s a pair of saddle bags for your giant purple lizard, or a ramen bowl on top of your Chua ball, there’s something to fit in with the theme of your character. Most of these customizations can be bought with renown, but some will be unlocked through other activities too. So just like dyes, you’ll want to make sure you’re out adventuring with friends if you want to get some of these kick-ass modifications.

That’s all on customization for now folks! Get in touch via Social Media and let us know what you think about customization via Twitter, Facebook and Reddit!

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