Arenas: Enter the Slaughterdome!

Written by Team WildStar on March 25, 2014

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Arenas are the peak of small-team competitive PvP. Grab a team of 2, 3, or 5 players and fight against equally matched opponents to determine who's the best at

The Slaughterdome

The Slaughterdome is an infamous Marauder fighting arena, where the toughest individuals in the galaxy come to prove their skills and test their mettle. Surrounded by metal fences and barbed wire, this perilous pit is bristling with concrete walls and other obstacles that turn every match into a blood-soaked battle royale! Frequented by some of the vilest criminals and shadiest gamblers this side of the Fringe, the Slaughterdome is the perfect place for some old-fashioned carnage - just make sure that you're on the winning team!

WildStar Arena matches consist of two teams with shared respawn pools. Teams start with a certain number of lives, and each time a team member respawns the shared pool decreases by one. This makes for extremely tense matches, especially as they near their end. Does the other team have a tank who's more annoying than dangerous? Ignore him and repeatedly kill the healer until the team's out of lives, then take your time with the tank. Down for the count with 1 shared respawn left? Maybe you should stay down so your team's top damage dealer can use the final respawn for a last stand.

However you choose to play it, Arena matches are fun, rewarding, and the best way to show off your individual skills.

Ratings: Hot or Not?

As everyone knows by now, the balance in this game is perfect. But how do you sort the good teams from the bad? Arena teams are assigned a rating based on their performance in matches. Win more matches, watch your rating increase. Lose matches, and it gets dropped like it's lukewarm. (For the Esports-savvy, our system is indeed Elo-based.) This ensures that your team is always matched with a team of equivalent ratings, giving you the best possible match-up for your team's skillset.

Show me the rewards!

In WildStar, Arena-rated PvP gear has rating requirements attached to them, ensuring that you prove your skills before being able to purchase a specific piece of gear. This also means that as you improve your rating, you'll face off against opponents with similar gear, keeping the matches as close as possible throughout your Arena trials and tribulations.

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