Primetime Now Live!

Written by Team WildStar on November 02, 2017

The Primetime update releases November 1, and with it a variety of Prime content focused additions are coming to WildStar. Genetic Archives Prime 1 arrives, introducing the first new raid challenge upgrade since the initial Y-83 Prime 1 release. Players can take on Genetic Archives at an increased difficulty level, for increased rewards. We’re also adding Prime Levels to three new instances: Protogames Academy, Infestation, and Space Madness; as well as increasing the Prime Level cap for dungeons and Expeditions overall to 15.

Primetime Patch Notes

  • Raids
    • Genetic Archives Prime 1
      • Genetic Archives raid instance has been scaled to the next level of difficulty: Prime 1. This new encounter will offer rewards with a base item level of 155.
      • New achievements have been added to accomplishments related to this new level of raid encounter.
      • Item rewards from the Genetic Archives lockboxes and armor imprints will now scale according to Prime level. The imprints can be turned into the imprint vendor for scaled gear.
      • A new type of collection material has been added to GA Prime level 1 in two qualities: "Mutagenic Diagrams" and "Greater Mutagenic Diagrams". These diagrams can be redeemed at Decrypter Esco for runes, which can be found at Conqueror's Square in Illium and Champion's Corner in Thayd.
  • Dungeons
    • Protogames Academy is now available on Prime difficulty, up to Prime level 15.
    • The maximum Prime level for all Dungeons has been scaled from 12 to 15, with a new item level base of 145 at the highest tiers.
    • The level of difficulty for all scaled Dungeons between Prime level 9–12 have been re-balanced to provide a smoother transition, and have had their rewards adjusted accordingly to match their new challenge bracket.
  • Expeditions
    • Space Madness is now available on Prime difficulty, up to level 15.
    • Infestation is now available on Prime difficulty, up to level 15.
    • The maximum Prime level for all Expeditions has been scaled from 12 to 15, with a new item level base of 130 at the highest tiers.
  • World Events
    • Residential Renovation
      • A new reward set has been added to the Residential Renovation offerings: the "Homesteader Decor" pack!
      • The location to purchase certain event rewards has been adjusted; rewards that are unique to the specific iteration of the event will remain on the Production Assistant. All rewards that are generically available during every run of the event are obtained from the "Decor-O-Matic", which can be found nearby.
      • Fixed an issue which would not allow the "Music Remodel: Oath of the Swordmaiden" to unlock.
      • The "High Definition Holovision" now has a preview asset when viewing it in your housing crate.
      • Vendor price for the "Exile NPC Decor" set now matches that of the "Dominion NPC Decor" set.
  • Content
    • Farside
      • Fixed an issue which prevented World Boss "Mechathorn" from spawning.
  • Paths
    • The Ellevar Supply Drop now issues Medium and Heavy armor users the correct rewards, instead of the inverse armor level.
  • Economy
    • Cosmic Rewards
      • Fixed a bug that caused Cosmic Reward points to be reported incorrectly in rare circumstances.
    • In-Game Store
      • Attempting to gift a store offer that contains non-giftable items will no longer cause an error.
    • Items
      • Fixed an error with the "Lazarin's Lab FABkit" tooltip.
    • Madame Fay's Fortunes
      • Madame Fay has excavated her prehistoric fortunes and restored the plunder of an island paradise!
      • Fixed a bug that caused the quality of Astrosaurus Nex (Onyx) mount to appear as a Superb-rarity reward card instead of a Legendary-rarity reward card.
    • Itemization
      • With the release of Genetic Archives Prime 1, the global item level cap has been increased to 170.

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