Coldblood Citadel

Written by Team WildStar on January 26, 2017

Harizog Coldblood has died, but you can’t keep this bloodthirsty Osun warlord down for long. His primal echo, trapped between the physical world and the Great Dark, is about to be brought back to life by the witches of the Iceblood Coven. Informed of these events by the Tower-Engineer and offered an alliance of convenience with the Pell, it’s up to you to ensure that Harizog’s resurrection is violently interrupted.

The remanifestation ritual is taking place in Coldblood Citadel, Harizog’s holdfast of old before he relocated to the Hall of the Hundred. The Tower-Engineer has already ordered his Pell army to lay siege to the citadel, providing you with the perfect distraction. As the Pell and their hulking enemies clash, you must cut your way through the remaining Osun and their slaves if you intend to save Nexus from the meanest warlord north of the equator.

We’ve seen an Osun dungeon before, of course, but with the addition of Arcterra and some fabulous new frozen visuals we found ourselves with a great opportunity to revisit those themes with a frosty flair. The strong theme also allowed us to put some of our newer spell effects to good use, such as the ability to slide players around.

Within the dungeon you’ll find three boss encounters and one miniboss encounter:

  • The Hailstone Gatecrasher (Boss) – a siege-breaker ice elemental summoned by the Pell has turned against them thanks to the vile power of the Iceblood Coven. Dodge the spikes, quell his rage, and above all, keep moving - don’t freeze up!
  • Kherax the Soulrotten (Miniboss) – The Tower-Engineer’s long-lost colleague has been corrupted by the Osun’s soulrot. Now he fights for the enemy – and will turn that soulrot against you and your companions! Avoid infecting your friends and put him out of his misery.
  • The Iceblood Coven (Boss) – Bust up the ritual of Darkwitches Golag, Ulfrid, and Katla and deal with their respective powers of Soulfrost, Soulrot, and Blood! You may start off facing just one, but more will join the fray in due course – dodge their insidious curses and take them down!
  • Harizog Coldblood (Boss) – The Frost King returns to life, imbued with the essence of the fallen Darksisters before him. Now he’s summoning the primal echoes of the many Osun frozen around him to infuse him with unimaginable strength! Keep away from his glaive, free your fellows from his soul anchors, and stop him here and now before he threatens all of Nexus!

Coldblood Citadel is one of our quicker dungeon experiences, more comparable to Stormtalon’s Lair or Kel Voreth in completion time, and like those two classic dungeons, it also comes with the Prime Level scaling options. Challenge your group as you slay bosses, earn exciting rewards, and master this frozen fortress!

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