Battle Chase is Here!

Written by Team WildStar on January 03, 2017

Peeping Krogg

The Darkspur Cartel seeks out profit anywhere it can find it, and that includes benefiting from the conflict between the Dominion and the Exiles. While the Krogg claim to be a neutral party with no preference for either faction, they nonetheless seek to prolong the war for as long as they’re able to. By offering military goods—which are often stolen from Dominion logistics depots or Exile supply drops—at a steep discount, the Cartel continues to line its own pockets at the expense of others. The Dominion and Exiles are so blinded by their hatred for one another that they hardly notice as the predatory Krogg observe their battles from the shadows.

Prize Fight

The Battle Chase runs from 10am PST January 6 until 10am PST January 16, and during that time the Krogg are rewarding anyone that steps foot into a Battleground. Go toe-to-toe with the enemy and (win or lose) you’ll earn Battle Bits—a tradable event currency. You’ll get more Battle Bits for a win, of course, and once you’ve saved up enough Battle Bits you’ll want to visit Arnie “The Exchanger” Vandragg in Conqueror’s Square in Illium, or Champion’s Corner in Thayd. Arnie will exchange your Battle Bits for Krogg Kash, which you can then use at the guy next to him—Sly “The Collector” Lundggor—to purchase Battle Chase rewards like housing décor.

In addition to completing Battlegrounds and collecting Battle Bits, there are also Battle Chase Crates, which is where all the best rewards come from. You can go straight to the In-Game Store and purchase Battle Chase Crates for Protobucks or OmniBits (a free in-game currency earned alongside XP), or you can even buy Krogg Kash directly for use at Sly’s store, but you can also earn Mini-Crates just by completing a Battleground. At the end of a match you’ll have a chance to earn a Mini-Crate, which has a subset of the larger purchasable crates, but still has a chance to drop the Exile- and Dominion-themed hoverboards.

There are two In-Game Store Battle Chase Crates to purchase directly, and they offer either Exile- or Dominion-themed items inside. They’ll be available for purchase during the following times:

Battle Chase Dominion Crate

January 6–9 & January 12–16

Battle Chase Exile Crate

January 9–16


Good lucking chasing the battle, and don’t forget that you can now queue for multiple types of content at the same time. Have fun and see you on the battlefield!

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