Guild Spotlight: The Timeless

Written by Team WildStar on December 05, 2016

In this latest edition of the series we’re shining a spotlight on Australian guild The Timeless. Whenever they’re not engaging IRL “drop bears” in hand-to-hand combat, these lovable lads and lasses can be found blasting their way through Redmoon Terror at times nearly 20 hours ahead of us Carbine folks on the U.S. west coast. For this reason we consider The Timeless to literally be a guild of the future, and therefore popped down under for a chat with their guild leader, Drenaka.

Guild Spotlight: The Timeless

Tell us a little bit about the formation and foundation of The Timeless.

The Timeless is an Australian/Oceanic time zone guild on Exile Entity (U.S.) currently focused on progression raiding in Redmoon Terror. We started out when the game launched as a group of friends mostly on the east coast of Australia—and some late-night Americans coming from other games looking to try WildStar—and quickly grew with players doing housing, dungeons, and eventually raids. During this time we gained more players from Australia and New Zealand, and so started considering ourselves an Australian/Oceanic guild and suited our activities around the GMT+10 time zone.

When did you first start actively raiding in WildStar and what drew you into the game’s raid scene?

The Timeless started forming our raid team around September 2014. Initially our team was small and changed frequently, until we found a good mix of classes. The primary drive for the group of current players is the engaging and challenging content that WildStar provides, and the unparalleled combat system.

Another drive for us is we like proving people wrong that tell us "You can't do that." :) When we started there was an idea in the community that if you weren't in America, you wouldn't be able to do the endgame content because of latency, and we wanted to show that this game could be fully enjoyed no matter where in the world you resided!

As guild leader, how do you go about keeping members happy, choosing officers, maintaining a raid schedule/roster, making steady progress on boss encounters, and everything else that comes with the title?

Our guild has a wide variety of play styles and balancing those does sometimes cause disagreements; but thankfully our members understand that we are a small community and need to work together so we don't have too many disputes. In officers, we look for people who are interested in helping out, but it's more of a formality as most of our discussions are held in the open with contributions from all. Our raid schedule has been fairly fixed over our history, and our roster has been primarily made up of a strong core with several helpers that we call on when needed. Amongst our core, some of our members participate in other raids and bring that experience to us to work into our strategies, which usually have to be adjusted from the “meta” to factor in our higher latency. Previously we have used spreadsheets to manage fights and rosters, but have recently been moving away from them as we found them to be excessive to maintain for our style. :)

What is your most memorable boss kill and why?

Our most memorable boss kill would almost certainly be Avatus. It was a long road with many challenges and struggles along the way, and so when it finally died the joy in voice channels was immense—that a pink dropped on our first kill was the super fancy icing on the already-amazing cake!

What do you think of Redmoon Terror so far and what boss are you currently working on?

We’re currently working on Engineers and have been very close to downing them in our last few attempts, and should be getting that kill very soon. In general, Redmoon Terror has been fun for us. As the content is quite fresh with new mechanics that have not been seen before, it's been highly engaging for a lot of our older members, especially with the focus on more individual responsibility.

Editor’s Note: Following this interview, The Timeless took down Engineers on Monday, November 28. Congrats!

Do you consider your guild to be tight-knit friends and family, or did you all largely meet in the game?

Most of us met each other for the first time in-game. Some members have been friends from other games or joined together as real-life friends (or family in some cases!). Over time we’ve grown close and even play other games together during downtimes or off-raid nights. Recently we used PAX Australia as a reason to hold a guild meetup for past and present guild members, which resulted in people flying in from all over the country to attend!

Do you accept new members often (including casual players and non-raiders)? If so, what do you look for in candidates and how can one apply to become a member?

We are always accepting of new people who are friendly and keen to become part of the community. While our focus is on raiding, we do have several people who do housing and other non-raid PvE and some PvP content, so are very open in who we accept.

For raiders, we look for people who are willing to learn and can make our times, which are based around the GMT+10 time zone. We prefer people who choose classes they are comfortable with, while also filling any gaps we see occurring in encounters. If you wish to join us you can contact any of our members, or use this google form.

Finally, for the sake of being thorough, do you accept members from locales outside Oceania?

While a large amount of our guild is Australian, we accept members from around the globe, and have people from Southeast Asia, America, and Europe raiding regularly with us. We like to keep our Mates Per Second high, and will suitably warn you of the dangers of drop bears and other important Australian facts. ;)

Thank you for your time and good luck on Engineers, Mordechai, and the challenges that await The Timeless in Redmoon Mutiny. Cheerio, mates!


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