New Cross-Faction Features Coming November 9

Written by Team WildStar on November 04, 2016

With Redmoon Mutiny—the second half of the Redmoon Terror raid—set to welcome players to certain death at the hands of Laveka the Dark-Hearted and her necromantic minions, it’s high time to give you brave adventurers a little extra firepower, in the form of most unlikely allies. A host of new cross-faction features are jam-packed into the 1.6.2 game update coming next Wednesday, November 9. But, before you dive in, we want to give you a little lowdown on how all of this will play out.

A Team of Rivals

Heroes (and villains?) of the Dominion and the Exiles will be able to form cross-faction groups for running virtually any type of content, including Veteran Dungeons and all raid zones. The only content limited from cross-faction support is Adventures and World Story instances. Looking to flesh out your PvP Arena Team, fill vacancies in your Redmoon raid group, and bolster your guild roster? All of this is now possible by looking to members of the opposing faction!

Defying Social Norms

A number of social features will also be added to further facilitate the cross-faction fun. In addition to cross-faction guilds, players can also have cross-faction circles, neighbors, and friends. The leadership of the Exiles and the Dominion may be mortal enemies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come together—Chua and Aurin alike—to navigate Nexus how you want with whom you want.

New Feature Breakdown

  • Redmoon Mutiny Raid (opens one week later on November 16)
  • Cross-faction Groups
  • Cross-faction PvP Arena Teams
  • Cross-faction Guilds
  • Cross-faction Circles
  • Cross-faction Neighbors
  • Cross-faction Friends
  • PvP Leaderboards

Most of these features function in much the same way that you’re used to, and we’ve added messaging to clearly communicate any restrictions that might be in place. For instance, if you try to invite a member of the opposite faction to a group who’s PvP-flagged when you’re not, you’ll be told that you can’t (because it’s probably not a good idea anyway). Likewise, members of a cross-faction group won’t be able to flag for PvP without leaving the group first. If you get yourself caught in a rare situation where you’re automatically flagged, you’ll also automatically be removed from the group.

Hello, New Neighbors

For housing enthusiasts, it’s important to note that visitation rights will also function similarly, so if your plot is currently set to Public, in 1.6.2 it means anyone from either faction can visit your humble abode. Of course you can always clamp down on who you allow in your personal space by setting it to Private and picking your neighbors carefully!


We’re beyond thrilled to be adding more cross-faction support to help you shred all across Nexus with whomever you choose, and we look forward to hearing feedback about your experiences!

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