Shade’s Eve is Here! Oct. 19–Nov. 1

Written by Team WildStar on October 19, 2016

Gather ‘round everyone, Shade’s Eve is here, to fill your dreary lives with joy and good cheer! Or maybe it’ll turn dreary to scared and afraid, as the festivities sour with the tale of Jack Shade. A menacing figure of allegorous ancestry—less about jump-scares and more about chemistry. Thought to have begun as a space-faring germ (with symptoms that’d make even ol’ Mondo Zax squirm) when a lone child emerged with apparent immunity, and created a vaccine for their entire community.

Over the years the story did change, the vaccine now an Angel and virus something more strange: a towering figure with teeth all askew, a hat that’s too tall and veins full of goo, and giant skeleton hands all the better for maiming (you can probably guess who we’re getting close to naming). That’s right all you children, your nightmares are true! Jack Shade’s finally here, and he’s come here for you.


New for 2016

Shade’s Eve has returned and all of the same great content, events, and items remain intact. In addition, this year the vendor’s are offering some items that were previously only available in limited quantities from promotions. The Top Hat of Souls and Plague Cauldron are now purchasable from the event vendor for Shade Silver, as well as the Ghastly Skeletal Warpig—which is also alternatively available for purchase on the In-Game Store.

In-Game Store Updates

Madame Fay’s Fortunes have already been restocked with ghoulish new delights, we’ve added new housing and décor items to support the Jack Shade’s House of Haunts contest, and with the start of Shade’s Eve we’re making available a new Nightmare Girrok mount, new Shadow Warrior costume, and a new Devilish Dye Pack.


But today is not the end! Keep an eye out as we’ll have additional items appearing on the In-Game Store as Shade’s Eve progresses.   


So don’t tarry, don’t dawdle, don’t delay in your quest, WildStar’s free-to-play and it’s totally the best!

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