Guild Spotlight and October 12 Livestream: Bloodpact

Written by Team WildStar on October 10, 2016

On Wednesday, October 12 beginning at 11am PDT, WildStar Raid Designer Tyler “Tyrius” Fuchs will take over to invade Bloodpact’s voice chat and spy on their progress through Redmoon Rising live. We’ll be chatting with the guild’s leadership team about their history and organization, as well as observing how they approach various boss encounters. We’ll also be sharing additional Redmoon Terror design insights and concept art during combat downtime—this is taking place live during Bloodpact’s regularly scheduled raid progression time, so whatever happens, happens!

But before we invite you to delve with us into this guild’s raiding machinations, we’d like you to get to know Bloodpact a little better. We probed their guild leader, Panzar, and officer and raid leader, Loui NaN, for the full scoop.

Guild Spotlight: Bloodpact

Tell us a little bit about Bloodpact’s formation and foundation.

Bloodpact is a Dominion raiding guild on Jabbit (EU) that formed out of the remains of Eugenic/Eugenified—a guild created prior to the release of WildStar and invested in testing raid content on the beta server, as well as participating at the race for world firsts in Datascape 40. Since then we’ve been raiding 3–4 nights a week for three hours each. We’re currently focused on progressing through Redmoon Rising while maintaining to clear Datascape once a week. On non-raid days we also have an alt raid that runs Datascape and Redmoon Rising, together with friends and picked-up players.

When did you first start actively raiding in WildStar and what drew you into its raid scene?

Bloodpact started raiding as a guild on the 21st of June 2015, but many of our members have raided in WildStar since before its release. We also have members that started with free-to-play launch. What drew people into the raiding scene of WildStar has many answers, but I believe it’s the game’s excellent combat system that is the main reason, along with the well-designed encounters you find in dungeons and raids.

As guild leader, how do you approach keeping members happy, choosing officers, maintaining a raid schedule/roster, making steady progress on new boss encounters, and so on?

The management of Bloodpact strives to treat every member equally. This of course comes with a certain cost, especially when progressing on new bosses and learning the encounters. On the other hand, by distributing loot equally and letting everybody raid we can ensure a healthy, flexible and—most importantly—lasting roster. We’re very happy to have chosen this path.

Officers, as well as Class and Raid Leaders, strive to listen to people's feedback and improve upon this feedback. We usually plan out our raid schedule and roster based on signups one week in advance, so that members always know when they are supposed to show up, and ask for changes and substitutions in time. Because of this we haven’t had to cancel a raid in over a year. :)

The guild bank supplies consumables, as well as runes and crafting materials to all our raid members. New officers just come naturally. It’s important to me as a guild leader to have varied opinions among guild management.

We love spreadsheets, and we use A LOT of them in order to track and manage things like raid attendance, rosters, schedules, loot distribution, strategies, and assignments, as well as any other important information—this way everything stays within reach and well-organized.

What is your most memorable boss kill and why?

Augmentors hard-mode has to be Bloodpact’s most memorable boss kill. It was the first boss we had to actually progress on as a guild. Nobody in our roster had killed it before. We had around 1000 pulls on it before we finally downed it.

According to Bloodpact is 3/6 in Redmoon Rising, having killed Robomination, Swabbie Ski’li, and—most recently—Engineers. What do you think of this zone so far and what boss are you currently working on?

We just killed Engineers on October 6! We’re very happy with what we’ve seen so far from Redmoon Terror. The boss design is very refreshing and turned out to be not only challenging, but also a lot of fun. The amount of group coordination and individual skill and awareness required in order to overcome these new encounters seems to be a perfect continuation of what we’ve seen so far in Datascape. If Redmoon Rising can keep up this quality, we are in for a treat.

Do you consider Bloodpact a tight-knit guild of friends and family, or did you all largely meet in the game?

Largely we have all met in-game with some exceptions, but when spending so much time together you get to know each other very well over time—in some cases even too well! ;)

Some of our members from different countries have even met in real life as a result of time shared in Bloodpact.

Do you accept new members often (including casual players and non-raiders)? If so, what do you look for in candidates and how can one apply to become a member?

Depending on what classes/roles we need the most, we’re always looking for reliable and like-minded players, able to strengthen our existing roster. Recruits should have a proper understanding of the game and their class, and should be able to attend a majority of our raids.

Besides meeting our basic requirements, we want new recruits to become a suitable addition to our roster throughout the course of their trial period. We also have quite a few social members in our guild. These are mostly people with some connection to our existing members, looking for a cozy home without applying for a raid spot.

We encourage anyone interested to visit our website to learn more about our guild.

Thank you for your time and good luck with your continued Redmoon Rising progression this Wednesday. We’ll all be watching!


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