Madame Fay is Going Retro

Written by Team WildStar on August 09, 2016

Madame Fay has been following all the latest trends, and she’s pretty sure she understands what’s popular: old stuff. She’s packed her Fortunes full of throwbacks, and is offering some truly incredible rewards. While she’s still giving out some of the standard stuff—like OmniBits and Service Tokens—this is otherwise a complete overhaul of the prizes she offers.

If you’re looking to get any of her remaining inventory, be sure to get what you can before August 17 when the Redmoon Rising update goes live. After that she’ll only be offering her new retro-inspired fortunes.

Let’s take a look!

Mounts for Gold

New with this Madame Fay update is the ability to turn in one of each of the three mount color variations she offers for the rarest-of-the-rare gold version—normally obtainable only as a super-rare Fortune drop. Through alchemical reactions you shouldn’t ask any questions about, you can purchase a Retrosaur Gilding Catalyst for 1 gold from the Madame Fay Far-Traders  found in Illium and Thayd. Using the Gilding Catalyst will then consume the three mounts and spit out a shiny golden version (again, best to not ask too many questions). We currently expect this golden mount exchange to continue forward with future Fortune mounts.


To clarify a couple points: the Retrosaur mount colors in the Madame Fay Fortunes will be rotating approximately every two weeks; beginning with the yellow version, followed by purple, then green, and then all color variants will be available until the next Fortune inventory refresh. We’ll be providing updates on our @WildStar Twitter for when these rotations occur. Also, it’s important to note that when turning in the color variants for the gold version as described above, the unclaimed mount items must be in your inventory. If the mounts are claimed by a character to be used, they cannot then also be used with the Gilding Catalyst to create the gold version. Of course keep in mind the gold version can also be obtained directly from a Fortune, and isn’t on a rotating schedule like the color variants.

Fortune Coins are purchased directly from the In-Game Store, and can be redeemed for Madame Fay Fortunes, which can include a wide variety of items, décor, mounts, currencies, and consumables. Hit your ‘N’ key to bring up the In-Game Store.

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