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Written by Team WildStar on May 02, 2016

Vault of the Archon

The Vault of the Archon is the next chapter in WildStar’s World Story. Both Dominion and Exiles are enlisted by the Caretaker to aid him in his search for the Vault of the Archon—a secret facility where the Eldan Archon, Jariel, hid his most sensitive data. But gaining access to the Vault won’t be easy!

The traverse to the Vault of the Archon is terribly cold. Your only chance of survival lies in using the eerie warmth of Bloodhearth Trees to your advantage. Additionally, several macabre mysteries are nestled within the icy crags of Varegor Pass, each with unique optional objectives all their own.

Whether or not you decide to explore the many mysteries of the pass, you must then gain entry to the Fortress of Kel Havik, an Osun edifice frozen in time, and then gain access to the priceless information secured within the Vault of the Archon itself!

New Tutorial

We’ve added a brand new tutorial to teach new and returning players the basics of the game, and highlight some of the features that make WildStar uniquely awesome. Zip around on your own hoverboard, defeat swarms of enemies using your abilities, and check out the amazing things you can design on your own housing plot.

And for players looking to jump straight to some of these features right after the new tutorial, the Jumpstart Pack available on the In-Game Store helps get you directly to the action.

Signature Station

A new section of the In-Game Store—the Signature Station—is an area with items for purchase that are exclusive to our Signature members. In addition to the other great benefits of Signature, this area will have entirely exclusive items and exclusive sales, as well as some limited-time items that will offer early access for things that may then later show up on the standard store.

In addition, Signature members will also now receive 1 free lockbox key per week, which allows you to open none other than… a lockbox(!)—for all the rare and powerful goodies inside.

Welcome Window

With this update we’ve added a new window you’ll see upon logging in that’ll clue you into goings on throughout Nexus, like in-game events, your login rewards, store updates, and suggestions for content you may want to try tackling next. You can drill down into each individual section too, if you like. Upon logout you’ll also see a smaller window showing you some things you can look forward to the next time you play.

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