Boss Hunter Challenge April 22–25

Written by Team WildStar on April 19, 2016

They're the biggest of the baddest, and the baddest of the biggest. They're world bosses, and it's time somebody took 'em down!

From April 22 at 2:01am PST to 11:59pm PST April 25, get extra rewards every time you or your party slay a world boss or legendary champion.

World bosses allow groups of players to take on formidable foes for high-end rewards, but you don’t have to be in a coordinated raid to jump in. Anyone can attack a world boss and reap the rewards, so head out and start hunting. Our world bosses article can help in tracking them down.

Boss Hunter Monster

During the Boss Hunter Challenge, every time you or your party slays a world boss or legendary champion, they have a guaranteed chance to drop a Shiny Token. You can then turn it in, along with a lockbox key purchasable from the In-Game Store for NCoin or OmniBits, at a vendor in your capital city. Normal creatures you find in the outdoors of Nexus have a small chance to drop a Shiny Token as well, so it’ll pay to get some other questing done during the event, too.

But you don’t have to stop at just one boss; you can continually kill each of the world bosses if you have the Progenitor Access Particles needed to respawn them. And lucky for you the number of Progenitor Access Particles needed is lower during the Boss Hunter Challenge as well. Legendary champions will be spawning much quicker during this event too.

When in doubt, get out there and hunt down a world boss!

Show ‘Em What They Can Win

Boss Hunter Lopp Hunter Pet

Head over to your faction’s capital city to turn in your Shiny Tokens. For Exiles go to Nate Baydock in Academy Corner (1203, -2412) of Thayd, or in Illium as Dominion go to Titian Nepian in Spaceport Alpha (-3353, -542). You can turn in a Shiny Token along with a lockbox key for a Lucky Lopp Lockbox, which has a chance to contain some awesome goodies:

  • Veggie Launcher Toy
  • Garden Green Dye
  • Lopp Hunter Pet
  • Lopp Grinder Mount
  • And More!

So, dust off your bandoliers and get ready for some sporting-good fun! But hurry, the hunt is only here for a short time. Get into WildStar now, for free, and let the challenge begin!

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