The Future of PvP in WildStar

Written by Chad "Pappy" Moore on February 24, 2016

Since WildStar went free-to-play late last year we’ve seen a huge and positive response to the new business model, our regular cadence of content, and the continual in-game events and bonus weekends. We just announced the next new big (and free) update—Destination Arcterra—that will bring a huge new zone to the end-game, as well as a continuation of our epic world story. While we’ve been fortunate to have such a positive response, we’re continually striving to improve the game, alter and change systems and content to make it better and more accessible, and are constantly working to try to make WildStar the best it can be.

One of the areas we’ve been looking at is the disparity of players on the PvP servers versus the PvE servers. MMOs work best when there are lots of players around at all times, but that’s especially true of PvP servers where the open world contention between the factions drives much of the purpose of having a PvP server type at all. We’ve found that increasingly over time the majority of WildStar players prefer to play on PvE servers. This has resulted in a far less vibrant server community for PvP players—including a lack of guilds, unhealthy economies, and fewer open world PvP opportunities—and a less satisfying play experience overall.

After considering a lot of different options, we’re going to be making the following changes:

  • The first is that to ensure a high quality play experience for everyone, we’ll be bringing all players together on the PvE servers (Entity for NA, and Jabbit for EU). This is going to take place during maintenance on March 16, and we have specific details on how the transfers will work—and how to take advantage of the free transfers we’ve made available—here on the forums.
  • And the second (and most important) is that we’ve introduced new bonuses for open world PvP in today’s update, and are currently working on additional PvP content that will encourage players to flag themselves, participate in quests and events, and obtain valuable rewards. A bit more on these below.

This may not be a big surprise to those of you on the PvP servers—in fact it’s been a very common request from many of you in the community. By bringing everyone together, we can help ensure everyone has access to active in-game communities, robust economies, and plenty of opportunities to play (or do battle) with other players on Nexus. And that by offering broader availability of open world PvP objectives (and rewards) we can actively increase the likelihood that players will engage in PvP combat while questing and playing.

Starting today we’re offering free transfers to Entity and Jabbit from the PvP servers. This is to give those looking to manage their transition more manually an option to do so before we enact a mandatory (and automatic) transfer of all remaining characters on March 16. Details on the transfers can be found in our forum post.

We love PvP here at Carbine, and believe the WildStar classes and combat systems offer one of the best competitive platforms around. We’re dedicated to its continued development and support, and want all players to feel motivated and rewarded for their participation. In addition to the ongoing Arena seasons and more competitive offerings, we’re implementing a few open world PvP systems to encourage everyone to get hostile and collect some awesome rewards in the process.

With today’s update we’ve already made a couple changes to help improve open world PvP, and encourage those on Entity and Jabbit—or those that will take advantage of the new free transfers to move there—to turn your PvP flags on, and gain some additional rewards.

  • For anyone that wants to add a little danger to their questing, when your PvP flag is on, any creatures you kill that provide XP (or would provide XP, if you’re max level) will also reward Prestige (the WildStar PvP currency), as well as additional gold.
  • We’ve improved the PvP flag UI on your portrait to help show when you’re flagged, and how soon your flag will wear off.

While these are some immediate changes we’ve already implemented with today’s update, we’re also working on some additional features and content that will be arriving in a future patch. We’ll have more specifics closer to their release, but the overall idea is to have open world objectives and quests throughout Nexus that players will need to be flagged to accept and complete. Rewards for these quests will mainly revolve around PvP, but there may be some rewards that players who don’t traditionally PvP might also find tempting.

We appreciate all of the player feedback that’s helped us to reach this decision. We’re looking forward to having everyone playing together within a single community in each region, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about the future of WildStar’s PvP. See you on Nexus!

- Chad Moore, Game Director

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