World Bosses

Written by Team WildStar on November 12, 2015

With the Reloaded update we’ve reworked world boss encounters—all of which are now max-level raid content—and gave them some sweet new loot too, like gear, costumes, and pets.

The current world boss encounters are:

World Boss: Metal Maw
Location: Deradune

World Boss: Dreamspore(formerly Hoarding Stemdragon)
Location: Ellevar

World Boss: Kraggar
Location: Algoroc

World Boss: Grendelus the Guardian
Location: Celestion

World Boss: King Honeygrave
Location: Auroria

World Boss: New! King Plush (replaces Doomthorn)
Location: Galeras

World Boss: Metal Maw Prime
Location: Whitevale
World Boss: Mechathorn (formerly Defensive Protocol Unit)
Location: Farside
World Boss: Zoetic
Location: Wilderrun
World Boss: New! Gargantua
Location: the Defile
World Boss: Scorchwing
Location: Blighthaven

So let's learn how these bosses work in the new WildStar: Reloaded era.

Each world boss is on a very long spawn timer (1-2 days) and is balanced for a 20-player group with one to two tanks, two to three healers, and a whole lot of DPS. There are no hard restrictions on group size, however, and players can attempt the encounters however they choose, and with fewer/more players at their peril/leisure, respectively.

But you don’t have to wait for them to respawn on their own; each world boss has a panel near their encounter area (pictured) that you can use to force-spawn the boss using Progenitor Access Particles. We don’t want bosses spawned on top of each other wreaking havoc before everyone’s ready, or multiple groups wasting Particles by spawning them at the same time. That's why we placed a short cooldown period on spawning them just after the boss has been defeated, or during a short spin-up period just before they spawn.

How do you get Progenitor Access Particles you ask? This isn’t a Q&A, but fine—just try not to interrupt again—you get Progenitor Access Particles by killing 5-player group enemies in the outdoor world; Dungeon and Adventure creatures don’t count. There are a few existing areas that’ll drop Progenitor Access Particles, and we’ve updated and added several new ones.

Progenitor Access Particle 5-player group locations:

Location Details
The Black Focus  
Drusera’s Nursery  
New! Galeras Near King Plush
New! Farside Near Mechathorn
Wilderrun New enemies added, near Zoetic
Grimvault The 5-player episodes "Raxen's Assault" (Exile) and "Shatterforce Assault" (Dominion) have been rebalanced for level 50

We’ve also added new Holocrypts and Transport locations so that players of the opposite faction can more easily reach each encounter.

But killing the world bosses isn’t just fun; they drop stuff you want, too! World boss loot drops serve as both a ramp up to—as well as complement for—traditional instanced raids, as well as fun cosmetic and rare drops which keep people who have geared past those bosses engaged. While helping your guild out of the kindness of your heart is all well and good, being able to get a rare costume out of it is ever better!

As you transition from Veteran Dungeons to raid content like Genetic Archives you’re probably not going to get all the drops you need right away, so by running through the world bosses you can continue to fill out any slots that are lagging behind, use it as a potential launch platform to speed up gearing, or catch up friends or alts that can use a boost. Plus, with lots of rare pets, housing décor, dyes, and costumes, there’s additional benefit to keep running the world bosses even if the gear they drop isn’t of immediate combat relevance for you.

These changes and new level-50 raid encounters are aimed to give players asynchronous raid content that is much more flexible in timing and group composition than our existing raids. We’re excited about the changes, and hope you’re equally excited to get out there and kick some world boss butt!


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