Making Your Life Easier

Written by Team WildStar on September 23, 2015

While the free-to-play WildStar: Reloaded update on September 29 is jam-packed with significant changes to the game—in fact, it's the biggest update for the game yet—we also put a real focus on improving and streamlining a lot of the content and systems. Many of these take the form of quality of life improvements—small but meaningful changes that just make it easier to enjoy the game.

Sell Junk Button

Why pick up junk? Because these poor saps called vendors pay you for it! And now you can set it so vendors automatically buy all your junk when you visit them, or if you’re like us and believe automation already has too much control over your life you can use the all-new shiny, glossy, candy-like button to sell all that junk with a single manual mouse click.

Rapid Transport

Zip-zoom around Nexus with the new-fangled Rapid Transport system! Just click on the new button in the interface menu, the world map, or the mini map, pay a paltry sum of gold, and you’re insta-ported to your destination. As everyone knows, teleportation comes with its risks, and to help mitigate overuse it does have a cooldown—although you can bypass it with use of a Service Token. And course the ability to hoof it to your location or take a taxi remains a valid choice.

Automatic Mouselook Mode

If you want the controls of an action game to match your rough-and-tumble action-MMO, Automatic Mouselook Mode is a new, completely optional control scheme for WildStar. When enabled, your camera is directly tied to your mouse movement, while your left and right mouse click directly activate the first two skills on your skill bar. Turn it on through the interface options, and choose when it’ll toggle active: while idle, while moving, while in combat, or any combination thereof.

Character Creation Guided Tour

We’re helping you pick the right class and path with streamlined character creation. Learn more about who you’re about to become with new faction and race intros, and then preview videos for classes and paths. The goal? That you spend less time trying to determine what classes and paths are right for you, and less time rerolling if you pick the wrong ones.

Content Finder

The name “Group Finder” is so 2000 and late—it’s time for the all new Content Finder! The new Content Finder allows you to queue for Expeditions, Adventures, Dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, Warplots, and Arenas, while also providing suggestions on content you should look to tackle next. Assigned to the (N) key by default, and you'll probably want to pin it to your options bar. Check it whenever you find yourself short on things to do or wanting to try something different.

Nav Points

Real adventurers don’t ask for directions, and now you can manually set location waypoints along a travel route to keep your dignity intact. To set a Nav Point just Shift+click on the map in the area you desire to be guided toward, and then you’re off! Nav Points show up on the zone map, the mini-map, and the tracker list. And just like clicking on a quest, clicking on a Nav Point in the tracker will summon an inexplicable (holograms, how do they work?) arrow to guide you to your destination.

We hope you’re looking forward to these improvements, and the hundreds of other changes and additions in the WildStar: Reloaded update coming September 29! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news. 

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