5 Places You’ll Conquer in THE DEFILE!

Written by Team WildStar on November 04, 2014

The next WildStar update is the end of the beginning – we’re wrapping up the prologue of our epic World Story and hurling you headlong into the next chapter of the Nexus Saga!

You’ve defended the Tree of Hope from the Strain, and now Drusera is tearing down the exanite walls of Grimvault. Next stop?


In this new level-50 zone you’ll be taking the fight to where the Entity and the Strain are at their strongest! There you’ll find galaxy-threatening plots to stop, terrifying gigantic monsters to slay, and a certain Genesis Prime who needs your help more than ever!

We’ve compiled a list of five must-see places in the Defile to help you dive straight into the action.

No. 1 - The Sonic Plaza

NOTE: No superfast hedgehogs were harmed in the construction of this area. Sonic Plaza will be one of the first areas you visit in the Defile, and it’s here that your faction has made camp to study the power of exanite! If you’re a solo player who loves questing, path missions and mountains of sweet, tasty lore then this is an area for you!

No. 2 - The Siege of the Lightspire

The Lightspire is where Drusera has hidden herself away to prevent the Entity from breaking out into the universe! Too bad a gigantic monster called the Dreadwatcher is on the warpath, aiming to bring the Lightspire tumbling down. You’ll need to team up with a big group of adventurers to take him on in a 20-player Siege of the Lightspire public event.

Exiles and Dominion can even work together to help complete this event (unless anyone’s looking for a little PvP on the side). And you’d better believe that the Dreadwatcher will be dropping the sweetest of sweet, sweet loot!

No. 3 - The Black Focus

If you’re more interested in saving the universe with a slightly smaller – say, five or more players - the Black Focus awaits!

The Genesis Prime herself – Drusera - will give you the lowdown. The fiendish Koral the Defiler plans to corrupt one of the rare Primal Focuses of the Eldan to infect all of Nexus with the Strain!

Just watch your step when taking on this nasty piece of work. Just getting to Koral will require split-second timing, excellent coordination and teamwork. (Hope you like jumping puzzles!)

No. 4 - The Strain Maw

What, you’ve never jumped into the gaping mouth of a Strain Wurm before? Well you’re in for quite a treat!

Jump into the mouth of a Strain Maw and find whole new areas to explore – including a Strain-load of cool Path content, lore-packed datacubes, and dark secrets inside the (literal) belly of the beast. Just remember to wear something slime-proof.

No. 5 - The Tainted Gardens

Ruled by Syra, Queen of the Direweb, the Tainted Gardens is an arachnophobe's worst nightmare. But you won’t just be stomping spiders on these arachno-tastic quests - you’ll be working with them to help rescue some allies!

Feeling a little squeamish? Then I guess we’d better not mention the wall-crawling, web-slinging surprises that come into play later.

Of course, there’s plenty more to see - we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Defile – for example, we haven’t even touched on Journey into OMNICore-1, our first fully-voiced, epic World Story instance.

Make sure you check out our teaser web page and watch the flick below!

Got a question about the Defile or our upcoming drop? Want to give us your feedback or make some friends who can help you take down Koral the Defiler? Join the conversation via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or our Forums!

Till next time, WildStar fans,

Team WildStar

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