Loremageddon Part 1 – All you want to know about Aurin and Mechari

Written by Chad Moore on October 20, 2014

Hey everybody!

What an exciting month it’s been! 

After introducing the Loremageddon initiative back in September, we received more than 500 questions submitted from the rabid WildStar lorehounds! I want to thank everyone who participated! To say the response from the community was inspiring would be a vast understatement. You all really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!But after that, things got really exciting!

Here at Carbine, Loremageddon started to take on a life of its own. Inspired by the obvious passion of the community, there were many teams here that wanted to step in and do their part. Obviously, the Narrative Design department jumped headfirst into the fray, reading through the hundreds of questions and trying to figure out how to answer as many of them as possible. But it didn't stop there. Other teams got pumped up about the project, and started figuring out the best ways to present the hard-hitting lore that was coming out of Narrative Design at light speed. Battles were fought. Legends were made. Coffee was imbibed by the gallon.

Now that the dust has cleared, we are ready to show you what has been born of this unforgettable lorepocalyspe. Prepare yourselves.

Starting today, we will be periodically releasing comprehensive lore about all of our playable races - presented in permanent web pages that will live on our existing web site. These pages will include lots of inside information about our races, including sections on physiology, history, and cultural traditions (just to name a few). Given the huge number of questions about the races, it only seemed logical to create a permanent home for all of that delicious lore where WildStar fans could sit down and devour it at their leisure. And the coolest part is that now that each race has a webpage, there's nothing to stop us from updating those pages with new and exciting lore as it becomes available. Boom! 

But wait, there's more! There will also be a dedicated web page where we will answer random questions that were not directly related to races. As time goes on, this page will continue to grow as more questions are asked and more lore is written to answer them.

To start things out, we are now releasing the pages for the Aurin and the Mechari and more will be coming in the following weeks. You can check them out below!

Visit here for more information on those nature loving Aurin!
Or check this page out if you're more inclined towards the robotic regime of the Mechari!

Once again, I want to thank everyone for making Loremageddon such an awesome experience, and I hope you all enjoy the results. 

Stay tuned for future updates. Loremageddon Part 1 might be over, but the war goes on.


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