Game PvE


Greetings, traveler.

I am the Caretaker, a powerful virtual construct. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing certain instabilities since the Eldan
disappeared deserted me long ago.

The results have been fascinating. Already my sessions have yielded reams of invaluable data concerning the potential mortality of organics. Naturally, due to the sheer density of variables, every session is

utterly unique blood-soaked

as well as

quite revealing deliciously fatal

Principles of Adventures

Unusual Mechanics

Combat mechanics, themes, and environments exclusive to each scenario enable players to familiarize themselves with gameplay principles and yield virtually limitless tactical combinations!


Tons of lore and gameplay variants ensure that no two sessions play alike! Tackling challenges on veteran mode allows you to reap even greater rewards and glory!

Player Choice

Steer the narrative to play out just the way you want! Explore unusual methods of achieving your goals and dramatically reshape the outcome with every decision you make!

Available Simulations

Riot in the Void


Veiled by a cloaking field and bristling with high-tech defenses, the Astrovoid is a prison from which no one has ever escaped. But three of the prison's most dangerous convicts didn’t get the memo, and have now engineered a full-scale prison break. You and your team have been called in to "restore the peace".

Experience the glory and the glamor of life imprisonment as you infiltrate the most impregnable facility in the history of rehabilitation. The stakes are high, the cellblocks concrete, the choices yours. Sentence: fun!

The Hycrest Insurrection


The farmers of Hycrest have had enough and now your team of social saboteurs has been sent to support their uprising and teach those high-falutin’ Dominion city slickers the meaning of blood harvest! Will you align with a wily Black Hood agent, an embittered rancher out to avenge his wife, or the farmer’s daughter with a complexion like fresh cream who wants you to do something or other? However you slice it, it’s gonna be an agri-pocalypse!

War of the Wilds


Backstory, schmackstory – all YOU need to kill an afternoon is living targets, and the only plot you’re interested in is the funeral kind! Battle for territorial dominance of an arctic, storm-blasted frontier as your team and Skeech legions go toe-to-toe against the five toughest champions in the universe! Not only will they also be seizing control points, farming bosses, and talking trash, they’ll be making you pay for every brutal inch with quarts of blood, so be sure to bring extra!

The Siege of Tempest Refuge


Were you born to rock supreme at tower defense? If so, you’ll find this Adventure a thrill a minaret! All you need to do is boldly defend the fortress of Tempest Refuge from wave after wave of increasingly tough invaders using every rocket trooper, rifleman, warbot, and saboteur at your disposal. Will it be a piece of cake or a heaping slice of humble pie à la explode?

Crimelords of Whitevale


You and your fellow Blood Scions return to find your biker lair ablaze and buddies perforated. Looks like one of the rival gangs from Thermock Hold needs to be taught a lesson. So now it's time to rebuild, reload, and do a little legwork. And if your witnesses still aren't cooperative, then get to work on their other limbs.

The Malgrave Trail


In this cross-continental slaughterfest, lead a caravan of sci-fioneers and pack animals across a sun-scorched desert to reach safe haven, all while contending with sandstorms, insect swarms, disease, and aggressive bands of Dreg that see you not only as trespassers but appetizers! Will your intrepid expedition blaze a trail of glory or die horribly? You be the judge!