Commander Durek Stonebreaker is a battle-hardened mercenary and veteran of hundreds of battles. In addition to commanding his own mercenary company, Durek’s Destroyers, he also holds supreme command over the Free Companies of Nexus (FCON, the Exile military). Durek is a dangerous enemy, though his fierce hatred of the Dominion and short temper sometimes cause him to act rashly in the heat of the moment. To the Exiles, he is a hero who has always protected the powerless against anyone who would prey upon them.

  • Affiliation: Exiles
  • Species: Granok
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 512 standard years

Forms of Address

Commander Durek: Durek is the leader of all the Free Companies serving on Nexus, and his official rank is that of Commander.

Physical Description

Durek appears to be much younger than his 512 years might indicate. He is an imposing specimen, even for a Granok. Because he views his body as a weapon which must be maintained, Durek attempts to keep himself in peak physical condition despite his age. Durek has avoided much of the natural ossification commonly suffered by older Granok due to his intense training regimen.


Durek firmly believes in what the Exiles stand for, and he has placed his life on the line countless times to preserve those values. He was born to be a soldier, something made obvious by his tirelessness and love of his job and troops. As a commander, Durek expects his orders to be followed without question or hesitation, and he doesn’t appreciate individuals who challenge or ignore his directives.

As a combatant during the Dominion invasion of Gnox, Durek possesses a deep and unshakable hatred of the empire. His desire to destroy the Dominion by any means necessary has cost him greatly in the past, and unless he can rein in his emotions, it is liable to do so again and again. Despite his darker side, Durek can be affable and quite boisterous when the situation calls for it.


Durek learned how to fight during the Gnoxian War, an experience that long ago shaped his worldview like no other could. As the fighting intensified and his home world was ravaged by the Dominion invaders, most of Durek’s family was killed by the Dominion. The flame of hatred in his heart grew hotter and brighter until it became the driving force behind every action he took.

It was during the Gnoxian War that Durek rose to prominence among his people, filling the gap left behind by his former commander. Though young by Granok standards, Durek’s knack for strategy and his style of command won him a loyal cadre of troops that only grew as the fighting continued. Taking up the arms and equipment of their Dominion foes, Durek and his “Destroyers” made the Dominion occupation of their home world too costly to justify.

With the conflict seemingly won, Durek returned to his leaders expecting to be greeted as a hero. Instead, the traditionalist elders rebuked him for discarding the fighting methods of his ancestors—and, by extension, the sacred Way of Stone. It was decided that Durek and all who followed him were to be exiled from Gnox, never to return. Saddened and disgusted in equal measure, Durek and his troops left Gnox aboard commandeered Dominion transports.

With no place to call home, Durek and his Destroyers hired themselves out as intergalactic mercenaries. Oftentimes they would come to the rescue of fringe-dwellers who were oppressed by the Dominion. It was during this time that the Granok joined with the Exile humans of Cassus in an alliance that Durek worked tirelessly to establish.

Since coming to Nexus, Durek has continued to lead the Exile military. Though much of his initial involvement in the planet’s colonization has been at a high level, he played a direct role in the Falkrin War in Galeras. Durek, overcome by his anger, allowed his temper to govern his strategy against the Falkrin. Though his decision ultimately resulted in an Exile victory, many lives were lost on both sides of the conflict.