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So What's a Warplot?

We've Got all the Answers You Need.
Don't say we didn't warn you


Where Home Improvements and Battlefield Tactics Collide

Warplots are massive 40v40 battle royales, accessible to all players once they hit level 50. Each team starts with a fortress that they can upgrade and customize with a vast assortment of modifications using special currency called War Coins.

Victory is achieved by either destroying the enemies’ generators or through killing players and disabling structures. At the end, both teams are rewarded with Loot Bags, Prestige and Elder Gems.

Warplots are a seamless blend of life’s two greatest pleasures:
Property ownership and loser ownership.



Recruit a Dream Team of Ass-kickers, Back-stabbers, and Healer-types.
Saddle Up and Boom! It’s Time for a Warparty.


Like Shot-Callin' Even More Than Shot-Firin'? Take Command!

The key to good Warparty Leadership is knowing how to give and take. As in give orders and take charge. But being a bigshot ain't just sitting on your hams and drinking beer. It's about telling people what to do at the same time. Because as an ancient war manual probably says:
'Those who work together die less.'


The Most Vital Cog of Every Finely Tuned Death-Machine!

Recruits are the backbone of every Warparty, there to cover entrances, take points, rush enemies, and rack up kills. Good recruits aren’t just necessary, they’re MANDATORY! Because a leader without an army is just an army of none. Which historically tend to lose.


Fight for Fun, Kill for Profit!

Killing’s what you’re best at, but you don’t do it just for pleasure.
When you’re a Merc, it’s all about the dough. You’re here to make money in exchange for your services Demolition & Conquest!™
After all if violence isn’t lucrative… you’re doing it wrong!


customize + Strategize = Pulverize: Turn Your Giant Death-Fortress
Into the Ultimate Giant Death-Fortress!

Boss Dispenser

Enslaving the Monstrous for a Better Tomorrow!

What's your definition of the World's Best Boss? How about one that defends your fortress and kills your enemies? With Boss Tokens, you'll be able to summon gargantuan freaks to do just that and a whole lot more. Because the next best thing to being your own boss is owning one!


Death by Architecture Enhanced!

Installations are the upgrades to your base. They keep enemies from getting in and eviscerate those who do. From Chompacabra Pens to Murderbot Factories, everything you install into your fortress says something about you to your foes… and that something is:
Ha ha, you're dead!


Battlefield Improvements Made Easy… to Kill With!

What's great about deployables is that you can drop 'em practically anywhere. Bear traps, bug bombs, web cannons, land mines -- there are so many ways to hurt would-be trespassers, you'll never need a garden gnome again!


Enough Jibber-jabber! You’ve Built Your Army and Your Structures
Now It’s Time to Stop Thinking and Start Hurting!

Destroy Generators

Victory Condition #1: De-Generate!

Where do you hit your enemy War-plotees where it hurts most?
Their generators! Much like everything else, fortresses run on juice, so blast both their generators for the quick, humiliating TKO. Taking these intricate structures offline is a highly technical process that requires a thorough grasp of nuclear – aah, hell with it, just shoot 'em!

Drain Energy

Victory Condition #2: Old School Extermination!

The Most Exciting Word in Warfare: Attrition! If your foes are being mama's boys and girls about their power grids, or you just want to drag things out for your sadistic amusement, then it's time to get old-school and just take 'em down one (or more) at a time. You can also deplete their overall energy supply by whittling away at their upgrades, and better yet, kill them!

Capture Nano-Pak

Destruction Nano-Currency Simplified.

What's Nano-Pak? Only the greatest nanotechnology resource since sliced atoms! Nano-Pak is the stuff that your team uses to initiate all plug abilities, from firing superweapons to calling in reinforcements.
It’s like money, but odorless unless inhaled. Outside of enemy skulls and beer, it’s probably the most important resource you’ll ever amass.

Kick Ass

Bloodbath and Beyond!

Talk’s cheap, Professor Toughguy. You’ve built your structures, assigned your troops, and alphabetized your strategies, now it’s time to put ‘em all to good use. Smells like someone ordered a large crater with extra mushroom cloud? OH YEAH!


Spoils Alert! You’ve Carved Up Your Foes, Now It’s Time to Do the Same With Your Plunder!

Elder Gems

Gems for Players Over 50!

Unlike real ones, Elder Gems endure forever and can be used to improve your character's ability tiers, enhance his AMPs, or spruce up your digs with unique housing items and timeless testimonials to your martial supremacy. Because the shiniest jewel of all? Your legend.


Almost As Prestigious As Money!

You may not be able to put a price on glory but Prestige is a whole ‘nother six-pack. That's why in addition to all your other material gains, your Warplot skills give you Prestige Points, usable to buy epic PVP armor sets. As any veteran worth their salt will tell you, the more you 'Plot, the bigger your 'Stige!

Loot Bags

Why We Fight: Bags With Stuff in 'Em!

While killing losers is obviously its own reward, it's important never to lose sight of the bag situation. Namely, the bags and bags of goodies, armor upgrades, items, and crafting supplies that you and your team are rewarded for kicking so much ass. Because blood money’s not just twice as good as regular money, it’s stickier!

War Coins

Who’s Your Daddy?: War-Bucks!

Your fortress and its upgrades don't come for free. To improve and repair your Warplot, you're gonna need War Coins, preferably a whole Warchest full of 'em. You score War-Coinage by destroying installations and winning Warplot battles, all of which makes it the most elegant economy in modern history.