Dungeon Delving with the Yogscast!

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on February 27, 2014

"Okay so what's this bosses next phaaaARGH OMG WHAT?!"



Just in-case you're not familiar with the Yogscast, they are a network of UK YouTube channels focused on having fun and playing games. Their main channel is one of the largest gaming channels in the world and their other channels have, on average, over a million subscribers each.

Originally we had planned to do a full run of Stormtalon’s Lair with them back in December; I even visited their Bristolian Fortress of Yogtowers to help them in this valiant quest,but sadly a couple of issues prevented us for being able to use the footage (a certain perma-stealth bug one member found causing a large chunk of them!) so we had to re-evaluate our plans.

Luckily, a new group of Dungeoneers rose up from the ashes and asked us to have another go at defeating the Thundercall Pell’s ultimate weapon!


Stormtalon's Lair


Our bold group of Dungeoneers includes (From left to right); Martyn Littlewood, KaeyiDream, Sjin, Duncan, and Hannah!

In Part 1 of the Stormtalon run, the group introduce their characters (which could easily pass as a new cable TV Sitcom; “One Mordesh, Four Aurin”) and take on Blade the Invoker, the first boss in Stormtalon's Lair.



Now I’m a big fan of 5-man content in MMOs. I’m a huge D&D nerd and I love the close-knit group dynamics and cool encounters you face in Dungeons, it really evokes those fond tabletop roleplaying memories whenever I do a run with friends. I’m also a tank at heart, especially a melee tank, so I love to be in the thick of it, sweating as I watch my cooldowns and keep the group focused in Vent or Mumble. I’m also a big-mouthed smart-ass.

So listening in to the team playing, and not being able to say anything or offer them advice because they were recording was torture for me. I was laughing along with all the jokes, and had to remind myself that they couldn’t hear me when I had a witty retort or more information on a certain mechanic to share.

Not that they really needed my help of course. Martyn and Kaeyi led the group, having played a lot during the beta and running several streams in the past. They explain boss mechanics and even cover some of the lore of the Thundercall Pell.




Ruins of Kel'Voreth



For Kel'Voreth, Hannah unfortunately couldn't play due to other commitments, so the group asked if I could jump in and fill a DPS position. Whilst the group had run Stormtalon's Lair a few times, this would be their first time in Kel'Voreth and so I hoped to give them a bit of insight into boss mechanics and the story behind the Dungeon.

Loading up a Mordesh Warrior (because, I figured four Aurin is a bit much) I jumped in with the group and attempted to channel my inner Pappy to explain the lore behind Kel'Voreth.



Grond the Corpsemaker, the first boss of Kel'Voreth, is a tough cookie to crack for a first time group. We had a couple of wipes as the team learnt his mechanics and the flow of the encounter. His “Thrash” move is particularly brutal and will deals a ton of damage if you're not careful. We had a couple of close calls in this first fight, in particular Martyn surviving a big attack with ONE hp left!

Kel'Voreth is one of my favourite dungeons in WildStar. Not only does it have an awesome environment (an Osun Forge mixed with Eldan tech) but the bosses have really distinctive and cool mechanics that represent some of the amazing design work by our Dungeon & Raid teams.



I had a great time playing with the Yogscast, the challenging encounters and fun combat in Dungeons made for some epic moments and plenty of laughs. I have to admit that my personal highlight was the .gif at the top of this article. I intentionally didn’t tell them about Forgemaster Trogun’s “disk phase” to see their reaction.

The result was priceless, and if you watch the video you'll no doubt hear me cackling away in the background!

If you're interested in the Dungeons in WildStar, definitely check out Martyn's videos linked in this article (Watch them over on his YouTube page for high quality!) and if you’d like to see us take on another Dungeon with the Yogscast, feel free to let us know via our social media pages!

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See you next time WildStar fans!

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