WildStar Wednesday with Fansites

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on December 08, 2011
The French and German version will be available very very soon. Apologies for the delay

Hello everyone,

For this Week's WildStar Wednesday, we thought we'd spend some time highlighting the heart and soul of our community: The fansites. Especially because we think that fansites are the foundation of online games. While we've got all kinds of Community Team plans, we believe that their passion and dedication is what will makes WildStar a lot brighter in a sky already full of other stars. :)

So now that we have some very strong and established fansites, we would like to introduce them to you as a way of inviting you to participate in the community you feel is right for you. They come in all different flavors and languages, so check out the list below and get involved!

WildStar Central: Formerly known as Carbine Central, they were our first and foremost supporters for many years. Even when WildStar was the industry's best-kept secret, they were reporting every bit of news they could get their hands on. So when we finally announced the name of our game, they adapted in a heartbeat and renamed their fansite WildStar Central. Headed by Zap-robot and his team of chroniclers and admins (Oabe, RedLynk, Myrddin and starspun), they will tell you everything you need to know about our game, and they even have a Wiki! They also organize a WS Central Sunday discussion on different topics, and the community team has been known to lurk, so don't hesitate to jump in.

WildStar Source: Ah Zam! This network has been around for such a long time; is it really necessary for us to introduce them? Well, we will nonetheless because the team working on the WildStar dedicated website definitely deserves a mention! So who do we have on board? Pwyff is the man in charge and many staffers help with the site content. We have Pontianak, Ragar, Gazimoff and PTGameGeek who share the Publishing load. They also have articles such as WSS Discussions where they detail a feature and discuss it at length. Feel free to jump in the discussion and discuss their view.

WildStar DE: if you speak German, that's where you want to be! Thee and his team (fullenchilada and Suerik) have been awesome supporters since they discovered the game at Gamescom (we met Suerik there!); as you may know, that's when we unveiled our game with a big BANG! Since then, they have been really helpful in spreading the word about WildStar, and we really appreciate it; especially since they also maintain their own wiki in German. Keep up the good work guys!

WildStar Jeux Online: You cannot be French, playing MMOs and not knowing about Jeux Online. And the good news is that they opened a forum for WildStar and the team in charge of it is brilliant. We know it for a fact because we met them during Paris Game Week, where we had plenty of discussions, some drinks and a lot of fun! I wanted to have the opportunity to thank the whole team, which is more of an Army, really. So thank you to: CosmicDebris for leading the pack, Gectou4, Colleen and Onidra for the Webmastering; Mustrum, BadSeed, Onidra (yep again!) Fartha and Aeria for the Publishing side and Ysha and Colleen (again as well) for the Graphical part of the website! I also wanted to add that Onidra had her own WS website and then joined the ranks of Jeux Online recently! Another French fansite which has been with us for quite some time now! Due to a busy schedule, the admin is looking for some people to help continuing WildStar coverage so if you speak French and are motivated, step up and lend a hand!

WildStar-Esp: Our Spanish friends! They started their coverage when we revealed our game at Gamescom and been covering our news activity since then! And we have Gothar (Admin) and Mei (moderator) to thank for their support!

WildStar Forums: This might be only a forum but you know what? You gotta start somewhere and no matter how big or small your project is, we are thankful for you to even want to spread the word of WildStar. And this underscores the fact that as a community team, we want to support you in any way we can; and that starts with us acknowledging your motivation! So thank you Mytob :)

That's it for now! And If you feel that you should be on this list, do not hesitate to contact us (CRB_Aether or CRB_Atreid) and we'll make sure to amend it!

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