WildStar Wednesday: Northern Wilds Bestiary

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on March 21, 2012

This week, we tell you a bit more about some of the creatures that live on the planet Nexus and specifically in the Northern Wilds area.


Resembling tall mushrooms, Rootbrutes are a species of ambulatory fungus-animal hybrids that are unique to planet Nexus. Although they spend most of their time partially buried in the earth like plants, they can also easily uproot themselves and move about and attack with surprising agility. Rootbrutes walk on a set of three to six tentacle-like appendages that also serve as roots when the creature is embedded in the ground. These tentacles can also used as weapons when the creature feels threatened or is hunting for food.

Rootbrutes are omnivorous, and will attempt to eat almost anything that moves. They generally dwell in the forests, swamps and marshes of Nexus, where their natural camouflage helps conceal their true nature - at least until their tentacles erupt from the soil and impale their unwary victims.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Rootbrutes use their tentacles to attack, thrusting them into the ground beneath their victims and then impaling them from underneath.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Although extremely deadly, Rootbrutes make a delicious ingredient for soups, salads and hors d'oeuvres.


Girrok are large, carnivorous quadrupeds that live in the mountains, forests and rocky highlands of the planet Nexus. Known for their aggression and their voracious appetites, Girrok are solitary predators that make their homes in mountain caves or subterranean grottos. Thick limbed and heavily muscled, many species of Girrok also have hard, protective scales that grow on their backs and hindquarters, making them formidable foes for those who travel the untamed frontiers of Nexus.

Girrok are surprisingly agile and intelligent, and employ a number of attacks that display an unexpected level of dexterity. Because of this, they are considered a valuable prize for intergalactic hunters.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Girroks are known to rip boulders from the ground with their paws and hurl them at their victims. If hit by these boulders, their victims are knocked to the ground and incapacitated.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! The dexterity of the Girrok inspired one Nexus adventurer to try and capture one in order to teach it to dance. Not surprisingly, the dance lesson was short and unsuccessful.


A species of bipedal, barely sentient humanoids, Skeech can be found wherever cave systems exist on Nexus. They are carnivorous and cannibalistic, with a primitive tribal social system and a simple shamanistic religion. Though they prefer to dwell underground, these dangerous creatures often emerge to hunt the areas surrounding their subterranean lairs. Different Skeech tribes often make war upon each other, with the losers usually serving as the main course at the winner's victory feast.

Though possessed of enough spoken language to be considered sentient, all recorded efforts at diplomatic contact by either the Dominion or the Exiles have ended in violence. Their language is extremely rudimentary, consisting mainly of grunts, shrieks, and variations of the word 'skeech'.

SPECIAL MAGICAL ATTACKS: Frost Lords, Diviners, and Shamans are powerful Skeech magic users. Their attacks include elemental projectiles that freeze their victims in place, as well as painful ice shards that erupt from the ground beneath them.

SPECIAL MELEE ATTACKS: Scratchers are low-level Skeech warriors that use their long, sharp claws to ravage their victims. Often these attacks are delivered in a vicious frenzy that is difficult to defend.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Despite their primitive nature, the Skeech are accomplished cooks. While being prepared to be eaten, more than a few of their victims have noted the Skeech's skill when using herbs and spices.

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