WildStar Thursday: Community Comes First!

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on October 13, 2011

This week, I turn the reins of WildStar Wednesday over to Troy "Aether" Hewitt so he can give you the inside scoop on what's happening with the community team and tell you a little bit about what you can expect from us in the next few weeks and months.

And now, over to Troy:

So, it was Monday of this week, when Robeardo and I were talking about the community content schedule and what we had on deck to share next. It's a meeting we have regularly- daily, if not hourly, chats about what's going on now, what's new, and what's next in the information pipeline. It's pretty crucial to us that we've got a plan in place, even if that plan can shift and change from moment to moment (Case in point: WildStar Wednesday Thursday). Though important, planning is just part of that discussion; the part we enjoy the most is reading and discussing all of the activity on WildStar's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

It's the highlight of our day, really - and we've had some very interesting conversations with the WildStar community so far, on topics as diverse as griefing, dealing with gold spammers, supporting live events, and much more. While it can be said that many of these topics are MMO de rigueur, It's important to note that the real thread connecting all of these conversations together is the community: These are the topics you have identified as interesting and important, and we are listening.

Truth be told, this is one of my favorite times in game development. In the past, I've been a community manager, engaging with fans from that vantage point. You learn a few valuable lessons in the trenches, largely by making (and unmaking) mistakes. But my experience and passion for community has really served me well in my new role as a Producer here at Carbine Studios. I get to take all that I've learned about community building, and infuse our social systems with that knowledge. As a Producer, I get to shout things, like "The community team needs to be involved in the creation of social systems!", or "Our fans are the most important part of this discussion! Let's talk to them about live events before we lock down our plans!" (ed - It's true. He makes sweeping declarations like these all the time.)

So yeah, I get to say those things. The reality? The team here agrees whole-heartedly. They believed community was important before I got here. They believed in the importance of community so much they hired me three years before they needed to care about community.

That makes things a lot easier - both for you, and for me.

Speaking of our amazing WildStar Community team - we have been working around the clock to prepare for our next series of show-floor adventures.

While this will be a first time trip to Paris for some of us, we are all looking forward to making new friends and introducing new fans to our newly-announced MMO, WildStar! To make sure we do things right, we've got our resident Frenchman and European Community Lead, Loic "Atreid" Claveau, Sr. Community Manager Robert "Robeardo" Land, our Lead Narrative Designer Chad Moore, Animator Long Nguyen, who also happens to speak fluent French, and me, Troy "Aether" Hewitt, Producer.

Are you going to be attending Paris Games Week? If so, make sure you come by our booth to say hello! You can find out more about what we've got planned for Paris Games Week by visiting the NCsoft event portal, here. Activities and events will be updated at that link throughout the event, which runs October 21st through the 25th. We can't wait to meet our French fans!

Of course, we'll be continuing our weekly discussions via Facebook and Twitter, but we've also got plans to share more details about the WildStar characters you've grown to love. It's a series of features that give you a deeper understanding of the personalities from our cinematic, including their background, with details on their races, their motivations for travelling to the planet Nexus, where players might run into them in the game world, and most importantly- more information about how players can expect these races to play.

We're looking forward to sharing more information about WildStar in the coming days, so keep your eye on our social network feeds, as well as the latest news right here at our official site. Remember, the Carbine Dev Team is paying attention, so don't be afraid to throw a question or two our way - if it isn't about beta, we'll be happy to talk about it! ;)

Enjoy, won't you?
Troy "Aether" Hewitt

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