One Month into WildStar

Written by Jeremy Gaffney on July 03, 2014

We're now one month out from the launch of WildStar – it seems like a good time to look back on our first month of being a Real Game. When you put as much blood, sweat, and tears into a game like this, you hope that when it's out in the public that it's well received. We've been fortunate enough to experience just that – fan response and buzz has been phenomenal, reviews and press coverage has been great, and the number of players rushing to get into Nexus has been strong. So strong, in fact, that we've had the need to add new servers to keep up with the demand and stabilize queue times.

Pulling off a smooth MMO launch is no easy task, but our dedicated team here has managed to make WildStar's launch month relatively painless, and I'm very proud of them for that work. We've dealt with the odd hiccup, but there haven't been any major issues preventing folks from enjoying WildStar (especially once we got the launch queues under control as rapidly as possible). The community has been great about identifying bugs they've encountered, and our team here has done an equally admirable work in providing hotfixes and solutions to these issues. We're working toward ensuring the best experience for seasoned players and new MMO folks just getting into Nexus.

This week we have the Strain Ultra-Drop hitting the live game, and this massive content offering will give fans a good idea of what they can expect from us moving forward. Players now have access to a new zone, new housing items, new gear, new mounts, new lore to discover… and that's not even everything!

When we launched WildStar, the buzz was that we were one of the most feature-rich and content-rich MMOs ever to launch, and we're doubling down on that:  providing large amounts of new stuff to do, tweaking existing content and features, and adding and improving areas at a regular cadence with future drops.  If you think there's a lot to do on Nexus now, cool – but really our goal is to have the best MMO on the planet over time, and our secret to that is to keep listening to our players, being responsive in real time on major issues, staying transparent, and growing and improving the game on a regular basis.  If we can every month improve where we can do better and further grow the areas we're already strong, we'll win that race.

Stuff we'll keep working on:  We just banned over the last few days 7200 botters and hackers; PLEASE use 2-factor authentication as the vast majority of these are hacked accounts using account names and passwords from previous games.  We'll ban more (anecdotally this has had a good effect on seeing less mining bots in the game, but there will be more until they run out of hacked accounts) and add more tools and detections to help (in the same way we got zone spam under control).  To help out we're dogpiling lots of folks (devs, folks from other groups, folks from other games) to help out our CS team with tools and bodies – they have to both handle bans and also restore the hacked accounts, which takes time.    I suspect the next round of dev fixes that are incoming should make yet more major improvements, but I'll hold off standing in front of a 'Mission Accomplished' banner until we're sure.  Since we're the popular game in the industry right now we certainly have the attention of all the RMT scammers/hackers, and we'll keep fighting that fight.

Many improvements on optimizations have gone in the last month and just before launch; many folks have seen big improvements from the various beta drivers as manufacturers have released those, and there are some new AMD fixes going in in this week and work continues on optimizing on all systems.   We've also had, I'd say, a pretty rapid pace of bugfixes and class fixes going in; that of course will continue and we'll always work to tweak class balance as we gather data and folks figure out the optimal gameplay styles for the classes.  And in the comment threads that follow you'll rapidly see a list of those issues we haven't hit yet – but of course we're always looking at the feedback and data and improving; we just addressed a lot with this update and we will always be responsive.

It's been a pretty busy time and we're pretty happy with where things are at, while (always) being transparent on what we want to do better.  We want to thank you all for your time on Nexus, for helping new players get acquainted to the game (they're the hardcore of the future) and for sharing ideas and thoughts with our dev team on how to make our game even better. This has been a labor of love for all of us here at Carbine, and the response we've received from the fans has us bright eyed about the future of our game. We're on this journey together.

See you in the game!

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