WildStar at PAX Prime!

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on September 07, 2011

After a cross-continental trip from Germany to Seattle and (almost) one entire day of rest, the WildStar crew was ready for PAX! The booth was done, the staff was ready, the goodies were prepared - all we needed was the fans!

In fact, why don't we let our Lead Composer, Jeff Kurtenacker, tell you how the first day started off.

The response to WildStar was just as enthusiastic at PAX as it was at gamescom and we are proud we got to show it to the fans stateside.

I was a whirlwind 3 days! Charley Lanusse and Corey Herndon took turns on the mic at the booth, telling passersby what they could expect by stepping on to Nexus.

What were people saying about WildStar after getting their hands on it? Let them tell you in their own words!

Jade Martin took the reigns in a playthrough, setting a record time through the demo and giving everyone a goal to strive toward. And our very own aurin Esper was there, posing for pictures and helping people get signed up for the beta.

There were lines waiting to play and anyone who finished the whole demo in the allotted time got a medal to commemorate their amazing playing skills!

By the last day, everyone had been talking about WildStar so much, it made it hard for them to say much of anything.

All in all, PAX was an amazing experience. Everyone had a blast and we were grateful to be able to attend.

But now, it's back to work! We have a game to make!

Robert "Robeardo" Land

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