What are WildStar Adventures?

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on February 19, 2014

Over the last few months we’ve given you a glimpse inside a Dungeon. We’ve also shown off Shiphands, those little instances that scale dependent on your group size and offer you the chance to check out some awesome sci-fi inspired content. We guess you’ve probably got a good idea what a Raid is, as well as the sort of mind-blowing, ass-kicking, and epic stories they contain. Right?

“But Team WildStar, what is an Adventure?” you ask. Well friends, sit back, relax and let the Caretaker explain the basics.



All well and good, but how about more specifics? Read on!


Adventures vs. Dungeons

We asked on Twitter if there was anything specific people want to know about Adventures and a common response was asking us the difference between and an Adventure and a Dungeon.

A Dungeon is a much more linear environment, with a focus on combat mechanics and tough boss fights with rewards to match. Dungeons still have lore, they may even have varying tactics and strategies to choose from, but ultimately their focus is on combat, combat and more combat!

While Dungeons take place in the "real world" of Nexus, an Adventure is a simulated environment created by the Caretaker. Adventures are all about open zones, choosing your path through the storyline and exploring unusual gameplay mechanics you don’t find in your normal levelling experience. There is still plenty of combat but it isn’t the main focus, instead we try to make combat in Adventures a bit more unusual. Instead of an epic boss encounter, you may have to fight off hordes of Exile prisoners or use a jetpack to fly up and destroy a Dominion war blimp.

Adventures reward you with a wide range of loot for your efforts; including gear, housing items, crafting recipes and more. In the normal Adventures the gear you find will be great for levelling, however in the Veteran versions of Adventures you’ll be getting gear that will help you prepare for Raiding!

We’re currently changing the way that rewards are gained in Adventures based on feedback from our players in Beta. Previously, you would get a small number of items at the end end of an Adventure and then you would purchase additional rewards from an Adventure specific reputation vendor. However this wasn’t engaging enough and so, based on feedback, we’ve removed the reputation vendor and will have more rewards drop throughout an Adventure instead.




Just how many Adventures ARE there?

You’ll be able to start Adventuring at level 15, with faction-specific Exile and Dominion Adventures. The Exiles will ride drop-pods into Dominion-controlled Auroria to rally the common people in revolt in their first Adventure; The Hycrest Insurrection. The Dominion will be sent to the Astrovoid Prison to infiltrate and suppress a riot which could escalate into something far more dangerous in the Adventure; Riot in the Void.

After these introductory Adventures, both factions will be able to play the War of the Wilds at level 25, the Battle for Tempest Refuge at level 30, the Crimelords of Whitevale after that at level 40 and finally The Malgrave Trail at level 45. And since they're Caretaker-made simulations, you'll be able to play them again whenever you like, uncovering new plot twists and shocking loot revelations.

When you hit level 50, you can then run through four of those Adventures again in Veteran Mode (excluding the two intro Adventures). Veteran Mode increases the difficulty and provides even better rewards for those looking for a bigger challenge!




What if I told you... you’re inside a computer?

Adventures all take place in a Sim Core, one of many Eldan simulated environments maintained and controlled by the Caretaker. The Caretaker is an advanced AI designed to help the Eldan conduct various experiments and tests on Nexus.



Having everything take place in a simulation means we get to take you to zones you may have already run through, or never seen at all, give you a whole new experience there, and do some pretty crazy things that you won’t find out in the main game!

For example, Exile players may be familiar with the Northern Wilds, one of the first areas they discover on Nexus. But the War of the Wilds Adventure takes players back to those snow-covered mountains to do battle against a team of NPC “champions” in MOBA-style combat, complete with Skeech and Moodie minions! You’ll need to capture and defend control points across the Northern Wilds in order to spawn your minions faster, defeat neutral bosses to gain awesome buffs, and ultimately destroy the enemy base to win. And each time you play War of the Wilds, you'll face new, randomized enemy champions.




Choose everyone else's Adventure - and your own!

Adventures also allow us to play around with the stories of these zones as well as the mechanics, so we can let players make dramatic decisions that don't affect the “real” zone for other players. It also lets us bring back old enemies you may have defeated in solo content, or turn them into allies.

In most Adventures your group will be given a choice of actions to take at various key points throughout the instance. Do you try and find arms and equipment for the oppressed Exile farmers trying to stand against the Dominion? Or do you try and secure transport for them to escape? Each member of your party can vote on the choice they want.



Your Path can also be a factor in your Adventure as well.

Before you even start your treacherous journey on The Malgrave Trail, for example, each Path can train a percentage of the caravan in different way that will benefit you throughout the Adventure. A Soldier might train caravaneers to fight, giving you an advantage when a stampede of Stemdragons attack! In other Adventures, an Explorer may be able to open a secret route to bypass traps, alarms, or sleeping monsters and so on. Each Adventure will allow Paths to interact in different ways, and different choices in those Adventures may open up different ways to use Paths!

That’s all for now! Join us next time for another in-depth look at Adventures when we go into detail for the level 15 Dominion Adventure Riot in the Void.





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