Protect your account with 2-Step Verification

Written by Team WildStar on June 03, 2014

2-Step Verification -- Why We Both Want It

Hackers want your stuff. They go to great lengths to steal or guess your password so they can get into your game account, salvage your schwag, and then sell those liquidated assets for money. That sucks. You don't want that, and neither do we because when you are unhappy, we are unhappy.

Fixing hacked accounts is costly for you and for us. Fortunately there is something we can do together to tell the hackers to take a hike: enable 2-Step Verification for your WildStar login!

You Get Cool Stuff

Here's how much we care about your happiness. Not only does using 2-Step Verification cost nothing -- you use a free application on your phone or tablet (nearly any Android, IOS, or Windows device, really) -- we will give you awesome in-game benefits as a reward.

You'll get this cool swag as long as you have 2-Step Verification enabled. (Yes, if you downgrade your account security you lose all this in-game hotness.)

  • A 2% experience boost to Experience, Renown, and Prestige that allows you to out-level those people whose accounts remain hacker bait.
  • A Cybernetic Eyepatch costume item to commemorate your victory over the bad guys. It also improves depth perception.
  • The title Certifiably Certified so you can provide official proof to your guild mates that you have earned access to the bank.

So protect yourself and your WildStar characters by signing up for 2-step verification.

How 2-Step Verification Works

The 2-Step Verification app is easy to use and stymies would-be evil doers. The app generates a 6-digit number code that you provide along with your email address and password when you log into the game. Even if the bad guys manage to beg, borrow, or steal your password, they are sent packing at game login because they don't have the phone, tablet, or other device running your 2-Step Verification app.

To sign up, just log into your Account Management page, select Account Security, click the Add button beside the 2-Step Verification option, and follow the directions to install the app. That's it! Easy as pie!

Using 2-Step Verification at Game Login

Here's how 2-Step Verification works after you've configured your account.

Step 1: Submit your account name and password at the game login screen as you would normally. If your credentials are correct you will be presented with a funky keypad with digits in a randomized order.

Step 2: Pull up the authenticator app on your portable device and, using the mouse, click the keypad buttons to enter the 6-digit code into the keypad. Use the backspace button next to the code display if you make a mistake. Each 6-digit code is good for thirty seconds, so don't worry about your click speed! Just wait for the timer to reset and then begin clicking.

Step 3: Hit the Submit button.

Step 4: Have fun playing WildStar and reap your in-game rewards!

What Happens When You Make Too Many Mistakes

You could well be using 2-Step Verification on your email account (you should do that, by the way), other game accounts, or even bank accounts. Not all 2-Step verification systems are the same, so you could have multiple apps installed on your phone or tablet. Or maybe you need sleep because you've been playing WildStar into the wee hours with your friends on another continent.

Whatever the reason, some confusion occurred and you got locked out of the game.

After five failed login attempts, your account will be locked for 15 minutes and we will send a lockout notification to the email address on your account. If you got that email and think some weirdness is afoot, submit a ticket to customer support and we'll investigate.

In the meantime, keep those postcards coming and see you on Nexus!

The Carbine Studios Customer Service Team

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