Meet the Draken

Written by Team WildStar on February 25, 2013

Character: Khuvor

Race: Draken

Q: Welcome, Mr. Khuvor. I am glad you could take the time to speak with us.

A: It is just "Khuvor." A Draken has no need of useless titles or foolish pleasantries!

Q: Sorry. Welcome, Khuvor. Can I offer you a drink? Some refreshment?

A: A drink? You offer a Draken hunter a DRINK? I need nothing to slake my thirst but the blood of my enemies!

Q: Uh, I don’t seem to have any handy. So what can you tell me about the Draken?

A: We are the Draken! Forged in the fires of planet Mikros! For a thousand years we have led the unstoppable war machine of the Dominion military, slaughtering all who dare face us on the field of battle! We are savage! We are UNYIELDING!

Q: Okay! Great answer. My next question is not meant to offend. I want to stress that. Here goes. The Dominion conquered your world some time ago, yes?

A: You dare speak such insults? Watch your tongue, or I will tear it out!

Q: But… isn't that what happened?

A: Yes! The Red River War shook the very core of Mikros! Do you doubt the truth of my words?

Q: No! Absolutely not. I'm just looking for the facts.

A: Azrion the Conqueror, emperor of old, came to Mikros and challenged the High Clanlord Zhur. Zhur was strong, but Azrion was stronger. The Draken swore eternal loyalty to the emperor, and today we follow his heirs.

Q: Right. So now that you are here on Nexus, how have you been keeping yourself busy?

A: Slaughter. Blood! WAR!

Q: Do you think you could be just a little more specific?

A: We have come to Nexus to test our mettle! To hunt every last creature on this savage world! To sunder the infernal machines the Eldan left behind! And the greatest challenge of all - slaughtering the enemies of the emperor, wherever they may hide!

Q: Enemies of the emperor. You mean the Exiles?

A: Of course I mean the Exiles! I hate their cowardly creed, but I respect their instincts and their cunning. They are survivors, and survivors make good prey. The Granok are especially worthy, and I have slaughtered many!

Q: Any other choice prey we should know about?

A: Marauders make good sport! Agile. Well-armed. Bloodthirsty. The Krogg of the Darkspur Cartel are also worthy foes. They are criminal scum, but they fight like wild beasts. Much like the Draken!

Q: Okay. I think we’ve covered hunting. What about…

A: Planet Nexus teems with worthy prey! The mighty Falkrin, bird-barbarians of Galeras! The necromantic Moodies of Deradune! Massive gorganoths that can swallow a Draken hunter whole! You have not lived until you have hacked your way out of a gorganoth's gullet!

Q: Right. For my next question….

A: I have also slain many Skeech! Foul little cave-dwellers found on Nexus. Foes like Marauders and Falkrin prove a test of skill… but the Skeech are a test of endurance! Their numbers are many. They are too stupid to retreat. And they die by the score!

Q: How do they taste?

A: Terrible and blue! They are only good for slaughter!

Q: I think I’ve got it. What might surprise our audience to learn about you?

A: I have many skills! I do not spend all my time hunting and fighting. I also train! Weapons training in the morning. Shields and armor in the afternoon. Martial tactics in the evening!

Q: Anything else?

A: I can field-dress a mammodin in less than three minutes!

Q: A warrior, a hunter, and a butcher. A triple threat!

A: You make sport of me? I will rip out your heart and feed it to my warpigs!

Q: On that note, I think we're running short on time. Last question: future plans? Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: Where any Draken would expect to be. Covered in the blood of my enemies! Wielding a gore-stained blade that's gutted a thousand foes! And ruling over everything within my sight as a mighty clanlord!

Q: And I believe it. Well, thank you for your contribution, Khuvor! Good luck out there.

A: Long live the emperor!

Q: Okay, that's a wrap. Thanks again, Khuvor…

A: No. We are not finished.

Q: Sorry?

A: The time has come. You may have a five minute head start!

Q: Head start? For what?

A: The hunt! And there is no hunt if there is no chase! The chase burns in the blood of every Draken! You thought I would stand for your insolent questions without reason? I have studied you. Your weakness. Your survival instinct. Your fear. They are strong. You will make for... unusual prey.

Q: Me? But I'm just a reporter! I have deadlines. I'm out of shape. And I'd be very stringy…

A: I thirst for the kill! And I have never stalked a “reporter” before. Even if the hunt is short, your skull will indeed be a rare trophy!

Q: This is crazy. Please, don't do this!

A: Very well. You have ten minutes! Now get moving. The stench of cowards is easy to track!

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