Gamescom Livestreams, In-game Loot and more!

Written by Mark "Anlath" Hulmes on August 08, 2014

What’s the best thing about conventions?


And like a space-surfing Santa Claus, we’re going to be giving you some kick ass WildStar swag just for stopping by the Twitch booth (Hall 09.1) this year at gamescom!

Every day, from the 13th to the 17th of August, there will be a limited number of special Twitch bags to be given out for visiting the booth. Inside these salacious satchels you will find a WildStar t-shirt, as well as a special code card for both a seven day trial AND an in-game item code pack!

Our gamescom item code pack will unlock the following;

  • Fancy Pants Top Hat & Monocle
  • Unique gamescom Dye
  • Imperium Housing Décor
  • A unique in-game title; “Showstopper”

You can preview the Fancy Pants and Imperium items below;


Alongside all the amazing WildStar loot up for grabs, you’ll also find some sweet swag from our pals at Guild Wars 2 and Twitch in each bag as well! Bonus!

If you can’t make it to gamescom, fear not! We’re also going to be streaming every day right from the show floor via Twitch main channel! You can check out our streaming schedule below:

Wednesday 13th – 16.00 CEST (BST+1) / 07.00 PDT

WildStar First Look: Protogames Dungeon - Join Senior Systems Designer Nick Roth & English Community Manager Mark Hulmes as they discuss the Ultimate Protogames Dungeon!

Thursday 14th – 12.40 CEST (BST+1) / 03.40 PDT

Devs vs Fans PvP Battle Royale! - A selection of our developers and community team go head to head with some fans in an Arena 3v3 Match live on stream!

Friday 15th – 18.40 CEST (BST+1) / 09.40 PDT

WildStar First Look: The Mystery of Drusera and The Defile await! Senior Content Designer Megan Starks and German Community Manager Jan Sterl talk about our next drop!

Saturday 16th – 13.40 CEST (BST+1) / 04.40 PDT

Devs vs Fans PvP Battle Royale Part Zwei! - Round 2 of our Devs vs Fans 3v3 Arena Match!

Sunday 17th – 11.00 CEST (BST+1) / 02.00 PDT

WildStar Housing: Extreme Makeover Edition! – We check out some of the newer Housing plugs coming in future drops, as well as discuss some of the creative things you can do in WildStar Housing with Senior Content Designer Megan Starks and English Community Manager Mark Hulmes.

So if you’re attending gamescom, join us and our partners Twitch and Alienware on the show floor to play WildStar! We’ll have a future zone (Star-Comm Basin) to check out and we’ll be opening up the whole Twitch booth for some 5v5 Arena battles each day as well.

We’ll also be live tweeting, sharing photos on our Facebook page, and generally enjoying all the excitement of Europe’s biggest gaming event!


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