gamescom 2011 - Daily Roundup, Day 3!

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on August 20, 2011

We started off today with a bang going right from a rousing game of "Who wants a tshirt?" into our first live demo of the game. Immediately following the demo, Lead Creative Writer Chad Moore, Art Director Matt Mocarski, and Producer Troy Hewitt took the stage for a little Q&A from the audience.

One of the big questions every is asking is Will there be PvP? Chad told everyone that was a big thumbs up! So all you PvP fans have something to look forward to. We'll give you more details about that when they're available.

Some other questions asked were Will there be race-specific armor/clothing? (Matt says there is going to be a lot of customization, including female and male armor sets, because we want you to look how you want) and Will there be instances (The world will have open areas and instances, depending on the experience we want the user to have). Keep the questions coming! We love to hear what you have to say.

To say thanks to our fans, Troy Hewitt went back out to pass out more loot. Tshirts, caps, and lanyards for anyone lucky enough to catch them!

On the floor, our other crew members were making sure everyone got a chance to play the game and sign up for our future beta. The buzz is still going and we're hearing a lot of good things from people that play the game. One player even said it was the best game he had seen at gamescom this year! We can't wait to bring WildStar with us to PAX in Seattle, Washington and let everyone stateside get their hands on the game, too!

While everyone was running around, Associate Producer (and uber-metal rockstar) Stephan Frost made another video detailed what goes on behind the scenes. Watch it here!

We also heard that the crowd was so large at gamescom today, they had to refuse entry to additional people. They reached capacity! We choose to believe it's because everyone wanted to play WildStar.

The day was capped off with the final Q&A with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney, European Community Lead Loic Claveau, Chad Moore, and Matt Mocarski. Among the questions asked were:

Will your classes be versatile? A resounding yes! In the demo itself you can play an Esper who can buff, dps, and heal!

What will your end game be like? Will it cater to hard-core or casual players? We plan on having content for all players! If you don't like raiding, there will be an epic world story for you to delve into! You will have plenty to keep you busy once you reach level cap.

How many starting zones will you have? Can I play with my friends? While we can't tell you how many starting zones there will be, we can say there will be more than one and since we don't want you to have to run all the way across the world to play with your friends, we'll make sure you're able to play together!

One more day to go. We are exhausted, but still loving ever second we spend here. Thank you Germany, for being such a wonderful host. And thank you to our fans - there's no way we could be doing this without you!

Robert "Robeardo" Land

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