Gamescom - Public Event, Day Two!

Written by Robert "Robeardo" Land on August 19, 2011

Word about WildStar is spreading - and you like us!

Day two of gamescom with the public was just as crazy at the first - and even more rewarding!

Follow this link to see a video (made by our ultra-metal Assistant Producer Stephan Frost) of gamescom early-morning mayhem followed by some first impressions by people who actually got to play WildStar.

The booth was mobbed all day long and our crew did the name WildStar proud, answering questions, helping people sign up for beta, and giving people a survey asking them what they thought of their play experience.

Producer Troy Hewitt, Senior Community Manager Robert Land, and European Community Lead Loic Claveau took to the stage to give our deserving fans some tshirts, hats, and lanyards and had a blast doing it. The crowd had creative ways of getting their loot! One fan had a huge butterfly net that he stretched across the crowd, another held up a sign that said "Challenge Me!" and yet another screamed "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBERRRRRRRRRT" when I stepped forward to toss out a shirt.

That wasn't the only time our fans got some goodies - we had a quiz with questions pulled from elements of the WildStar trailer. For example, one question was: What is painted on the side of the spaceship? (Go check out the WildStar trailer and see if you were right!)

To top it all off, we had a live drawing with Senior Concept Artist Andy Cotnam. Facilitated by Art Director Matt Mocarski, who explained what Andy was doing, the audience saw a real-time creation happen on screen. Those lucky enough to see it live were the fist to see new and never-before-seen artwork for the first time! After they were done, one lucky audience member was chosen to receive a print of some WildStar art signed by members of the Carbine Studios dev team. If you didn't get a chance to catch the live stream, you can see it right here!

Then, as a surprise, another member of the audience was chosen by Guild Wars 2 Lead Concept Artist Kekai Kotaki and he drew the Guild Wars 2 logo on her arm! You never know what will happen when you visit our booth!

It was a very fulfilling day and we hope the WildStar community is enjoying this as much as we are!

Robert "Robeardo" Land

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