A Day of Thanks

Written by Team WildStar on November 20, 2012

Later this week those of us here in the states will be celebrating Thanksgiving, but our thanks isn't reserved just for our fans in America - we've got an amazing global fanbase that we want to extend our appreciation to as well. Over the last year, we've seen our community grow into a group of fans who are firm believers in the world of Nexus and the team here at Carbine. You guys are able to have deep discussions about common topics in the gaming industry through our WildStar Uplink, and even after we've finished the debate, you move onto fansites to keep the conversations going. We've got an entire wall of our studio dedicated to fan art, and it astounds us daily how many of you get inspired by the world we're creating. The world of WildStar isn't just ours anymore; it's in your hands as well.

A few weeks ago we released the story of how a small group of Cassians rebelled against the Dominion on Cassus. Shortly afterwards, we saw that one of WildStar Central's community members, Dyraele, had posted a poem he wrote based off the Brightland's Rebellion story. As we passed the poem around internally, we loved the piece so much that we decided to do something special with it. We got the band together (quite literally), and yesterday we sent this video over to Dyraele:

Consider this our thank you to the entire WildStar community. It's not easy playing the waiting game for an MMO you really enjoy, and we know it can be tough when it feels like there's not enough info coming out week by week. But the payoff will be worth it, we promise. Enjoy this video, and thanks!

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