WildStar Wednesday : Rigging Metal Maw, Part 2

Written by Loic "Atreid" Claveau on January 11, 2012

Hey everyone,

Are you wondering what Metal Maw did over the holidays?

Well, he spent some quality time with our friend Chris Hale, Senior Technical Animator for WildStar. We think you will be impressed with his progress, so check out Chris's update below, and let us know what you think by visiting the WildStar Facebook page!

"Hello everybody. When last we met the Metal Maw had just been finished by Brandon of the Character Department and was then passed on to me, Chris Hale, Senior Technical Animator. In the intervening time I have been working on rigging and weighting in order to prep this beasty for animation and FX. He is now set and ready to get brought to life by our incredible animators. Here are some pictures to give you a look at its setup."

Rig and Geometry:

Weight Map with texture details:


Stay tuned for the next article in the Metal Maw series. If we are lucky, we might get to see Metal Maw make his very first steps... or is it hits? Either way, keep your eyes peeled for more Metal Maw in the coming weeks!

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