Madame Fay’s Prehistoric Fortunes Excavated!

Written by Team WildStar on October 26, 2017

Madame Fay is once again mustering her magical might to excavate more captivating curiosities. She’s restoring the plunder of an island paradise, and in true larger-than-life Nexus fashion the Madame has included a healthy helping of prehistoric pre-hysteria!

Be warned—if you’re still looking to fill out your Shade's Eve Fortunes collection, do it as soon as possible. Madame Fay’s inventory will fully refresh with the arrival of the Island Paradise Fortunes selection.

To Catch a Jurassic Predator

While any silly tourist will get caught marveling at the natural beauties inherent in a tropical paradise, you can imagine yourself as the cunning and fearless adventurer who claws your way to the top of the food chain, claiming power over the brutal beasts bred from its savage landscape. Should fortune favor you, this is your opportunity to tear across any terrain on the ferocious Astrosaurus Nex. These rugged predators make for surprisingly reliable transportation and can be found in four distinct color variations of aqua, pink, teal, and onyx—colors that are deceivingly menacing when sealed into the scales of the Astrosaurus.

All Astrosaurus variants will be obtainable at any time until Madame Fay’s next full refresh. Onyx is the ultra-rare variant, which has a slight chance of being granted directly from a Fortune, but can also be earned through the collection and exchange of the aqua, pink, and teal dinos.

After collecting all three non-onyx variants, you can purchase an Astrosaurus Nex Onyx Catalyst for 1 gold from the Madame Fay Far-Traders in Illium and Thayd to consume the mounts and spit out the onyx version. When turning in the color variants for the onyx Astrosaurus, the unclaimed mount items must be in your inventory. If the mounts are claimed by a character to be used, they cannot then also be used to create the onyx version.

Savage, Lavish, and Ravishing

There’s a bountiful spread of other islander heirlooms and native creatures to collect too, of course! Take a look at just a few of them below.

Fortune Coins are purchased directly from the In-Game Store and can be redeemed for Madame Fay’s Fortunes—accessed through the golden carrot icon—which can include a wide variety of items, décor, mounts, currencies, and consumables. Hit your ‘U’ key inside WildStar to bring up the In-Game Store.

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