Homecoming Now Live!

Written by Team WildStar on September 06, 2017

You’ve explored Nexus and beyond—now it’s time to come home. The next major WildStar content update, Homecoming, arrives Wednesday, September 6, and it offers players an assortment of new and updated activities!

New Feature: Communities

You’ve invested impressive amounts of time and effort in designing rich, elegant living spaces to call home. And with Homecoming you’ll at last have the ability to find neighbors who can move into properties right next door! Collaborate together to build a vibrant and bustling Community—a massively expanded housing social feature that affords players the cosmic opportunity to relocate their homes to shared land.

New Event: Residential Renovation

Residential Renovation is a new in-game event that will run for one week every month. Pulling many of the rewards previously offered through Chase events, Residential Renovation will task players with a variety of largely housing-centric activities that yield stellar upgrades in home décor.

Residential Renovation will begin its inaugural run on September 15 at 10am PDT and last until 10am PDT on September 22—get ready for show time!

New Contest: Community Showdown

Get your sharpened pencils, tracing paper, and protractors at the ready. The Community Showdown is the preeminent competition for seasoned architects, landscapers, and interior designers to flaunt your elite skills and let vanity be thy true tape measure. But this isn’t your mama’s House of Haunts contest. This time, through the foundation of a Community, you’re in it to win it with a full five conjoined Housing plots fashioned to elegant perfection!

Registration is now open for North America and Europe and will close at 11:59pm PDT on September 20. Before getting started, we highly recommend you read the Official Contest Rules (North America, Europe).

New Prime Content

The Homecoming update once again expands the amount of Prime content available to battle-hardened adventurers. The Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden dungeon and Deep Space Exploration Expedition are the latest instances to be elevated to Prime status, calling all players to organize with capable friends to brave new levels of challenge for due rewards.

Madame Fay’s Fortunes Update

The release of this content update also coincides with Madame Fay marvelously restocking treasures that had previously been depleted. The Arcterra collection is quite literally the coolest set of Fortunes she’s ever supplied, and beginning September 6 they’ll again be available for a limited time.

Homecoming Patch Notes

  • General
    • Guild emblems are no longer visible on BoreBot mounts.
  • Expeditions
    • Former Space Chase event reward décor and décor NPCs can now be obtained from Basic, Improved, and Premier Expedition Supplies.
  • Raids
    • Redmoon Terror
      • Fixed a bug which prevented the achievement, "I Got a Bad Feeling About This" from displaying as Failed in the Quest Tracker upon actually failing to meet the objective.
  • Paths
    • Settler
      • The Consumables Purveyor in the Protostar Holdings Exchange project, found in Auroria, is now correctly purveying.
  • Housing
    • Fixed a display bug that caused landscape enhancements that have not been unlocked to show up as available after selecting them and then changing selections.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Hide Ground Clutter” option to inconsistently work with the Default Ground Housing remodel setting.
    • Improved loading performance on residences that possess a large amount of décor.
    • The Remodel UI will now update when other players make changes.
  • User Interface
    • Addons
      • The following chat channel for Communities has been added: /com
      • The following Communities-related chat commands have been added: /comdisband, /cominvite, /comquit, /comkick, /comvote, /commaster, /commotd, /comnote.
      • Community names have been added to the Housing tab of the Social UI.
      • A refresh button has been added to the Visit window of the Housing UI.
    • Apollo API
      • Due to the large number of UI changes included in this update, the Apollo API version number has been incremented to 16. 3rd-party addons may need review and updating in order to function correctly.
      • New function: Residence:CanDeleteDecor() - Returns true if the player is allowed to delete décor from the crate on the current residence.
      • New event: HousingRandomCommunityListReceived - This event is triggered when a list of random Communities is available after being requested using HousingLib.RequestRandomCommunityList().
      • New function: HousingLib.RequestRandomCommunityList() - Requests a list of random Communities available for visiting.
      • New function: HousingLib.RequestRandomCommunitVisit(nRandomCommunityId) - Requests a visit to the indicated Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.GetRandomCommunityList() - Returns a list of random Communities available for visiting. This list will be empty if HousingLib.RequestRandomCommunityList() has not been called during the current game session.
      • New function: Residence:CanDonateDecorToCommunity(nDecorIdLow, nDecorIdHigh) - Returns true if the décor can be donated to the Community.
      • New function: GuildLib.GetAlternateCreateCost(GuildType) - Returns a money object if the guild type has the option of using a currency other than credits to create.
      • Modified function: GuildLib.Create(strGuildName, GuildType, strGuildMasterName, strGuildCouncilName, strGuildMemberName, bUseAlternateCost) - Added Boolean parameter to indicate whether the alternate currency cost should be used to pay for guild creation.
      • New callable event: Event_CancelCommunityRegistration() - Cancels the current interaction with a Community Registrar.
      • New function: HousingLib.IsOnMyCommunity() - Returns true if you are on your Community map.
      • New function: HousingLib.IsMyResidenceOnCommunity() - Returns true if both you and your residence are on your Community map.
      • New function: HousingLib.GetCommunityPrivacyLevel() - Returns a HousingLib.ResidencePrivacyLevel enum for privacy level of the Community to which you belong.
      • New function: HousingLib.SetCommunityPrivacyLevel(eResidencePrivacyLevel) - Sets the privacy level for the Community to which you belong. Requires the "Change Community Remodel Options" permission.
      • New function: HousingLib.HasCommunity() - Returns true if the player is a member of a Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.RequestVisitCommunityByName(strCommunityName) - Attempt to visit the Community whose name matches strCommunityName (case insensitive). Visiting may fail if no Community was found with that name or if the Community is private.
      • New function: HousingLib.GetReservedCommunityPlotIndex() - Returns table { bHasReservation, nPlotIndex }.
      • New function: HousingLib.CanSetCommunityPrivacyLevel() - Returns true if you have the "Change Community Remodel Options" permission in your Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.CanReserveCommunityPlot() - Returns true if you have the "Reserve Community Plot" permission in your Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.CanRevokeCommunityPlotReservations() - Returns true if you have the "Remove Community Plot Reservation" permission in your Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.RequestCommunityRemoveResidence() - Removes your residence from the Community and returns you to your personal Housing plot.
      • Updated event: GuildMemberChange(guild, tMember) - This event can now include a table with the information of the member that was changed. The member table may be nil in some cases, for example when a member is removed.
      • New function: HousingLib.CanCrateAllDecor() - Returns true if you can send all placed décor to the crate for the current residence.
      • New function: Money:IsAltType() - Returns true if the money object represents an alternate money type.
      • New function: Money:IsExchangeType() - Returns true if the money object represents an exchange money type.
      • New function: Money:IsAccountCurrencyType() - Returns true if the money object represents an account currency type.
      • New action confirmation button type: GameLib: PurchaseCommunity - Required data is the Community name and a Boolean to indicate if the alternate purchase cost should be used.
      • New action confirm button type: RenameCommunity - Required data is the new name and whether the alternate cost should be used.
      • New method: Money:CanAfford() - Returns true if the character has at least as much currency as the money object specifies.
      • New function: HousingLib.CanRenameCommunity() - Returns true if the character has permission to rename their Community.
      • New function: HousingLib.GetCommunityRenameCosts() - Returns a table with monCreditCost and montServiceTokenCost if the character is in a Community.
      • New event: CommunityRenameResult(nResult) - nResult is a HousingLib.HousingResult value.
      • Added “SetZoom” and “ResetZoom" API calls on the "CostumeWindow" to manage zoom.
  • Audio
    • Voiceover now plays within the opening cinematic for the quest, "Occasionally, Power Uncorrupts" in Blighthaven.

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