Community Showdown: Submission Deadline Extended to October 18

Written by Team WildStar on September 18, 2017

Get your sharpened pencils, tracing paper, and protractors at the ready. Community Showdown preparations are underway! Homecoming arrives September 6 fully equipped with a supermassive new feature for Player Housing—Communities. For the first time in Nexus history adventurers will be able to team up to construct the ultimate R&R facilities, with more than enough space for five battle-fatigued bodies to kick off the boots and unwind from the grind. And if your motley crew is bound by common desire to turn even the most leisurely layouts into areas of august affluence, we’re hosting a unique contest that would see you all waging war on an entirely different front for ultimate bragging rights—and the chance to win a lucrative $2,500 cash prize!

Register for the Community Showdown

The Showdown Lowdown

Officially launching with Homecoming on September 6 and lasting until 11:59pm PDT on October 18*, the Community Showdown is the preeminent competition for seasoned architects, landscapers, and interior designers to flaunt your elite skills and let vanity be thy true tape measure. But this isn’t your mama’s House of Haunts contest. This time, through the foundation of a Community, you’re in it to win it with a full five conjoined Housing plots fashioned to elegant perfection!

Just let it be known, you must register via the contest page using your NC Account by September 20 in order to participate in the Community Showdown.

By the submission deadline on October 18*, the leader of each registered team will submit to us for initial judging five screenshots of the Community, taken from each Housing plot’s perspective. We’ll head in-game to take a closer look at Communities with the most potential; and by October 27* winners will be chosen and announced to the world!

One Grand Prize Winning Team in each region will be awarded a $2,500 (or €2.403,85) cash prize split equally among all members registered to the team on the contest site. In addition, up to seven Honorable Mentions will be chosen across both North America and Europe, granting each registered team member the ability to claim any 10 items from the “Housing” section of the In-Game Store.

Teams Teeming

Teams of five people are encouraged to register to compete in the Community Showdown. This isn’t to say that artists unequivocally inspired by their own individuality can’t go it alone, but there are no consolation points to be awarded for those who register with fewer than five members to compete in the contest. We’re seeking only the most impressive, unique, and awe-inspiring Communities in the galaxy, and expect to see every square inch of the Community plot configured thoughtfully. The land can be developed for the sake of simplicity or complexity, so long as touring the grounds reveals an innate and unrivaled “Wow!” factor. And the aesthetic choices for your neighborhood are entirely up to your team. Far be it from us to limit your creative process!

Rules of Engagement

Registration is now open and will close at 11:59pm PDT on September 20. Every team and teammate must be registered on the contest site by the registration deadline. You can only register for the Community Showdown once, so take the time you need to figure out the name of the Community, who will be the Team Leader, and who will fill out the roster. But make sure you register!

The Team Leader needs to start the process by logging into the contest site, creating a new team, and entering the team name. When a team is created the leader will be given a unique team code to invite up to four teammates. Each elected teammate must then log into the contest site and use the unique code to join the team. Once registered, teams and team members are locked for the duration of the Community Showdown. Regardless of the process employed to develop the Community for submission to the contest, prizes will be distributed equally to each registered member of the winning teams.

Before getting started, we highly recommend you read the Official Contest Rules—they’ll help you understand what you’re signing up for. Now, while we wait patiently to see the fruits of your labor, let the showdown commence!

Register for the Community Showdown


*The submission deadline has been extended by two weeks until 11:59pm PDT on October 18. Winners will be announced by Friday, October 27. To learn more about this extension check out this thread on the forums.

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