Homecoming: Prepare for the Residential Renovation!

Written by Team WildStar on August 31, 2017

On September 6, Nexus will host its Homecoming, a cosmic block party to celebrate the grand opening of Communities, in which players will band together to create unique living spaces on shared land. And with a game update so lovingly devoted to enriching WildStar’s brand of Player Housing—Communities deliver a bona fide new social system that’s anchored by the creativity and collaborative spirit of every contributor—it’s a cherry-on-top opportunity to introduce the brand-new recurring event: Residential Renovation!

Intelligent Design

Sara Conavius, housing designer and renovator extraordinaire, will be touching down on Nexus for one week every month to look for properties to feature in new episodes of her intergalactic hit holovision show, “Residential Renovation.” The self-proclaimed Genesis Prime of Home Improvement, Sara will be visiting Illium and Thayd to help you make your home really pop for the cameras in the new “Neighborhoods of Nexus” edition of her Protostar Academy Award-eligible series. (She’s also more than willing to sign autographs for her sea of adoring fans—the largest audience to visit a quest giver, period.)

Let Your Hearth Be Your Guide

Do your part to aid in the production of Sara’s broadcast by completing a series of home improvement tasks—and probably take some time to shower her with adulation—and she’ll reward you with Home Renovation Guides. These guides can be turned into Sara’s Production Assistant for a variety of rewards, including housing décor, achievements, pets, and mounts. This is a fine opportunity for architects, landscapers, and interior designers alike to further inflate their prolific troves of decorative treasures!

Chase Booty

There are three separate sets of rewards lifted from the former Sim-Chase, Battle Chase, and Dungeon Chase events. These three reward sets will be on distinct rotation each month when Residential Renovation is active, which means the reward cycle is completed and starts again every few months. Additional goodies may be inserted into this rotation in future updates.

Here’s but a small sampling of the rewards that are available to you while taking part in the Residential Renovation.

We hope your collaboration with Sara not only results in fabulous home restorations, but makes for great holovision too! Following Homecoming, Residential Renovation will begin its inaugural run on September 15 at 10am PDT and last until 10am PDT on September 22—get ready for show time!

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