The Space Chase Returns! July 31–August 7

Written by Team WildStar on July 31, 2017

For centuries, the Ekose Shiphands Union has been running cargo from planet to planet. And if there's one thing the alien Ekose know, it's spaceships—how to use them, live on them, build them, take them apart, and put them back together again.

How do they manage these staggering feats of interstellar travel? With the help of an amazing discovery that lets their technology work longer and steadier than any other—the elusive Eko Particles! They're what Ekose pilots use to keep their ship engines running smoothly for extended periods. And once again, as part of the limited-time Space Chase event returning 10am PDT July 31 to 10am PDT August 7, Ekose ship captains Exchanger Beno and Collector Torio will be letting everyone get in on the secret and unlocking the coolest spaceship components in the galaxy—parts you can use to build your own unique spaceships on your housing plot!

Beno and Torio can be found in each capital city near the contracts board.

When the Suns Align

Since the discovery of Nexus, many Ekose traders have visited the Eldan planet to haul cargo and goods to and from the planet. In that time, more than a few Ekose ships have crashed on the surface, leaving lots of stray Eko Particles to be collected. Eko Particles are so valuable because they can only be detected when exposed to certain types of stellar radiation, meaning they can only be found on Nexus when the planet's trinary suns align perfectly. That time frame is known among Ekose traders as the "Space Chase."

Embrace the Chase

Need a quick refresher on how this all works? During the Space Chase, every time you complete an Expedition that's within your level range you'll earn Eko Particles that you can trade with or sell to other players. You can then bring them to Exchanger Beno, who will exchange them for valuable Eko Chits that you can then trade with Collector Torio for exclusive spaceship housing décor items, as well as all-new rewards this time around! Want to skip the step where you complete Expeditions? Just buy Eko Chits at the In-Game Store using Protobucks or OmniBits—Collector Torio doesn't care how you got the Chits, as long as he gets his hands on them!

Of note: Eko Particles can only be earned by playing Expeditions that are at the correct level range for your character. The level ranges for each Expedition are as follows:

  • Level 6-12: Fragment Zero
  • Level 10-19: Outpost M-13
  • Level 17-27: Infestation
  • Level 20-27: Evil from the Ether
  • Level 25-31: Rage Logic
  • Level 29-33: Space Madness
  • Level 31-41: Deep Space Exploration
  • Level 39-49: Gauntlet
  • Level 50: Any Veteran Expedition or Vault of the Archon

Space Chasers Unite

Earning Eko Particles Expeditions to trade for Eko Chits is just one way to participate in the Space Chase event. You can also use OmniBits or Protobucks to buy Space Chase Cases directly from the In-Game Store. Space Chase Cases have a chance to give the same ship components you can purchase from Collector Torio, plus they're the only place to find exclusive Space Chase rewards like one of fifteen new décor NPC characters, complete ship replicas, or one of three exclusive new housing music tracks! And remember, you can always trade anything you get from a Space Chase Case with your friends, or buy/sell them at the auction house.

Just in Case

Like the ships themselves, Space Chase Cases come in three flavors, and each one will only initially be available during a specific two-day period. At the end of the event (10am PDT August 4 to 10am PDT August 7) all three will be up in the In-Game Store for a limited time.

Tech Shuttle Décor Case

Spaceship engineers and space bound freight haulers alike admire the fantastically functional and utilitarian Tech Shuttle set.

Initially on sale from 10am PDT July 31 to 10am PDT August 2, they contain one of the following random housing items:

Gunner Ship Décor Case

This sturdy set of powerhouse parts will let you build a hard-charging brute of a ship that's armed to the teeth.

Initially on sale alongside the Tech Shuttle Décor Case—10am PDT July 31 to 10am PDT August 2—they contain one of the following random housing items:

  • One piece from the Gunner décor set
  • One character from the Space Cadet NPC décor set
  • A Marauder Raider ship replica
  • Housing Music Remodel: Smooth

Racer Ship Décor Case

Sleek, shiny, and oh-so-stylish, the Racer décor set lets you build the stealthiest-looking speed demon in space from the comfort of your own housing plot.

Initially on sale from 10am PDT August 2 to 10am PDT August 7, they contain one of the following random housing items:

More Space Chase Takes

But that’s not all! Each Space Chase Case also has a chance to drop rare NPC décor for Artemis Zin and Dorian Walker, as well as a Dog of War mount and Lonely Lost Larva pet, along with gold, Service Tokens, and various flasks. But you can also get the décor, mount, and pet (and music tracks mentioned above) directly from the Expeditions in the form of mini-cases that have a chance to drop at the end of Expeditions.

Time Bandit

Too busy folding space-time down at the ol’ collider to run Expeditions and get Eko Particles? No prob! You can use Protobucks or OmniBits to purchase Eko Chits directly from the In-Game Store, and then snag a selection of Space Chase items available from Collector Torio. So prepare to race into space and face the Space Chase!

Show Us Your Creations

The best part of the Space Chase ship parts décor? You can use these pieces however you like! Sure, each set has a theme like combat, engineering, and speed, but how they combine to form new and dynamic spaceships is entirely up to you! How many Space Cadets can you collect? Will you build a fleet of Protostar Transports? Well don't be shy, share your new designs with us on Twitter, Facebook, our official forums, or anywhere else you post awesome WildStar things. We'll be watching... from space!


Learn more about this rotation of Chases and the coming updates we have in store for in-game events!

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