State of the Universe

Written by Chad "Pappy" Moore on April 13, 2017

Hey all!

What an exciting time it’s been! Just last month we released the Power of the Primal Matrix, and it has been so great to see both new and old friends coming to Nexus to check out the new systems and content that arrived with the update. I’ve personally spent some pretty late nights farming Primal Essences in the Crimson Badlands and the Northern Wastes, hopping on some World Boss trains, and grabbing some new gear in Prime Dungeons and Expeditions—along with leveling up an alt during each Double XP X-Plosion event. (It’s also pretty awesome that my alts are now a lot more powerful with the Primal Matrix Essences earned from my main . . . just sayin’.) Overall, I’m hearing a lot of excitement from the community about the Power of the Primal Matrix—but I’m happy to say that we ain’t done yet.

So what’s on the horizon, you might ask? Lots! First and foremost, Prime Raids! We’re bringing the Prime difficulty scaling to the most difficult content in the game, and now our raiders will not only be able to enjoy a new level of challenge in our existing epic raid content, they’ll also have better chances at earning the most powerful gear. Along with Prime Raids, we’ll also be adding Prime Level difficulties to more Dungeons and Expeditions, as well as increasing the number of Prime Levels that are available for all of our scaled content—giving all of you more choices on where to earn essences and get your badass gear. In addition to these content additions, we’ll be releasing a number of quality-of-life improvements—like an account-level bank and PvE Leaderboards—in order to continue improving and enhancing your overall enjoyment and excitement of the game at every level. And lastly, we’re planning to release the long-awaited Communities feature later on this year, which will allow players to come together in housing plots and collaborate in new and exciting ways. Having already played with this feature myself, I can tell you that it’ll open up a whole new world of creative possibilities for our dedicated housing designers and their unlimited imaginations. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

As these new features get closer to release, we’ll be sharing more detailed information about exactly how they’ll work and when you can expect to start testing them on the PTR. Our next update is going live in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open for an official announcement.

Thanks once again to all of our players! 2017 is turning out to be another great year for WildStar.


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